Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4544

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Portugal - Visit of Prime Minister of Portugal Azevezo to the city of Porto. Rally. Speech Azevedo at the rally. Anticommunist attack machine communists - journalists radiorabotnikov. Porto, on October 25. Portugal - Demonstration of left-wing extremists against a government ban on the illegal possession of weapons. Lisbon, 23 October. Lebanon - The meeting of the National Assembly of the Parliament. Election of the Speaker of Parliament. Delegates gather at the meeting under the protection of security. Beirut, 21 October. Lebanon - Delegates Subcommittee political reforms leave the government building. Journalists surround the delegates interviewed. Armored vehicles in the streets. Barricades. Beirut, 22 October. Lebanon - Life Beirut the day after a night of fights. Taken: the traffic in the streets. The queue for bread. Vendor selling vegetables. Ruined store. October 20. Lebanon, Egypt - Street battles in Beirut. Cairo - Arab League Council meeting. Secretary General of the Arab League Mahmoud Riaz told reporters. October 20. Lebanon - the warring factions fighting for territorial control in Beirut. The battle for the District of Kantara. Greece - A protest against the inhabitants of Eleusis port of call six U.S. Navy ships in their ports. Eleusis, October 22. Argentina - The Argentine government calls for 6-month social truce due to inflation. Taken: Portrait of Mary President Peron. A woman shopping in the stores. The taxi driver. People walk past the shops. Buenos - Aires, October 22. Argentina - rich suburbs of Buenos Aires. Police guarded mansions. District poor. The ruins of the demolished house. Armed soldiers at the police car. October. Morocco - 350 thousand Moroccans march to the border of the Spanish Sahara. Captured: The convoy of trucks with protesters arriving in Tarfayya. The people welcomed the marchers. October 25. Morocco - Moroccan Marsh traveling from Ksar Es Souk to the border of the Spanish Sahara. Captured: The marchers gathered in the campaign. Marchers in trucks with flags and posters are sent into the desert. October 21. Morocco - Thousands of Moroccans joined the march to the border of the Spanish Sahara. Captured: The marchers chanting and singing. Marchers at the station and on the train. Marrakech, October 22. Morocco - Participants march closer to the border of the Spanish Sahara. Taken: Camp. Participants hike loaded their belongings onto trucks to continue the campaign. Trucks on the road. People waving to passing. Agadir, October 23. South Vietnam - The beginning of the school year in Saigon. The school building with a portrait of Ho Chi Minh. Celebration in honor of the start of classes. Pupils dance and sing a song about Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon, October 19. China - mass rally and demonstration in the capital of Urumqi Autonomous Region Xin-Kyan. Uighurs in honor of the 26 anniversary of the province. Captured: The parade and demonstration in the streets of the city. Oct. 1. China - "defense" facilities in Manchuria, on the border with the Soviet Union. Taken: City underground in the area of ​​the large oil fields in China's Manchuria. People are building anti-aircraft shelters. Underground facilities. Products in special chambers. Bicycles. Neftepoezd. Sea port of Dairen. Oil processing plant. North Korea - Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea. Kim Il Sung of the floor. Pyongyang, October 10. Israel, Egypt - The meeting of the representatives of the Sinai of Egypt, Israel and the United Nations to discuss the terms of disengagement in the Sinai in the oil districts of Abu Rudens and Ras Sudar. Balutsi, October 22. Spain - Madrid in the days of preparation for the transfer of power to Juan Carlos. Captured: The hill to the Palace of the Prado. People at the main gate of the Palace. People on the main street of Madrid, buy and read the newspaper. Madrid, 22-24 October. Iceland - Iceland One-day strike women to demonstrate their importance in the economy of the country. Taken: a demonstration of women in the center of Reykjavik. October 24. England - Withdrawal loulandskih gorillas in a private zoo near Kanterberri.