Foreign newsreels № 4776 (1976)

News №30036,
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Temporary description:

France - Construction of a new submarine for oil exploration in the North Sea. Marseilles. USA - World Cup ski free style. Turkey - Meeting of Heads of State: the Shah of Iran, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto and President of Turkey Koruturk. Izmir, on April 21. USA - Basketball match between the USSR and the team of Iowa. g Iowa. England - Football. London, April 19, 1976 Portugal - A meeting of the Center Democrats in Vendas Novas. April 18. England - Football - Liverpool, Manchester City. Manchester, April 19. England - Pre-Olympic competition swimmers. April 18. Kenya - Safari Rally. Lead Kenyans Singh and Dong. April 18. England - Discovery Air Show Shuttleworth. April 19, 1976 Colombia - By-elections to the authorities. Bogota, April 18. USA - Attack of giant bees on the players during the game of baseball. April 17, 1976 Canada - The Olympic Village, ready for the Olympics - a review. Montreal, April 15. France - oil tankers "Olympic Breyveri" that crashed off the coast of Britain, on the rocks. USA - Marathon Athletics. Boston, April 19. USA - Washington are beginning to be vaccinated against swine influenza (swine flu). Washington, April 21. India - The campaign for family planning. Taken: Hospital. The operation of sterilization. 17 - April 19. Thailand - A refugee camp in Thailand from Cambodia. Taken: Camp. Refugees clean clothes, prepare food. Mother with the child. Children playing. April 17, 1976 Egypt - U.S. Senator - Jacob Javits approve Egypt gap with the Soviet Union. Cairo, April 18.

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