Secret training ground (2006) Submarine fleet (Third film)

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Producer Silver Screen

Series №1 Submarine fleet (Third film)

Newsreel 1939 - 1945:

The Soviet naval base in the Arctic.

Seagulls over the sea.

Photo: Submarine K-21.

K-21 in the sea.

The sailors on the deck.


The submarine submerged.

German planes in the air, the pilots.

Acoustician at the instruments.

Periscope above the water.

Newsreel of the 20-ies.:

Construction works.

Employees at the company.

They talk Dzerzhinsky and Vyacheslav Molotov.

Military ships in shipyards.


Interview of Professor, Head of Central Research Institute of history.

AN Krylov Vladimir Kuzin.

The Red Army.

Newsreel of the 30-ies.:

Naval officers.

Leningrad towing saltwater pool.

Submarine in the pool.

Submarine "Decembrist".


Submarine at sea.

Photo: Submarine "Leninist".


Photo: scientist Boris Malinin in a group of designers.

Newsreel of the 20-ies.:

The parade on Red Square.

Semen Budennyi on the platform of the mausoleum.

Stalin and Voroshilov on the podium.

On the square are the tanks.

Sergo Ordzhonikidze at the podium.

The tank goes through the woods, across the field.

Military equipment.

Planes in the sky.


Military ships, boats.

Photo: Soviet submarines.

Sailors go on a submarine.

Naval ships at sea.

Sailor in the spotlight.

Sailor with binoculars.

Sailors load a gun.

Explosions in the water.

The sailors on the boat.


The rise of the sunken British submarine.

Transfer of bodies of British sailors from the sunken submarine the navy of Great Britain - coffins on winches.

The sunken submarine L55.

British officers salute.

Fragments of the submarine.

Class submarines "Pike" in the port.

Photo: "Pike", the sailors on the deck.

Sailors on the submarine.

London, Big Ben.

The work at the shipyard.

Dutch shipyard.

Descent subs on the water.

Ship building.

Newsreel of the 30-ies.:

The Spanish Civil War.

The streets of Madrid.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Photo: Soviet support.

Soviet and German U-boats at sea.

Sailors at the instruments.

Explosions in the water.

Naval ships at sea.

English sailors on the deck.

Convoy PQ in the sea.

The sailors on the decks.

Hitler goes on the apron, sits in the car.

German generals from the map.

Planes in the air.

German submarines at sea.


British ships, sailors.

German sailor at the periscope.

Explosions in the water.

German sailors were firing from a submarine.

English sailors on the deck, looking through binoculars.

Soviet sailor sends signals from the deck.

K-21 submarine at sea, the sailors on the deck.

Photo: Captain Nikolai Lunin.

Backing out of the port.

Loading torpedoes in the harbor.

Photo: submarine K-21.

Construction of the submarine.

Submarine at sea.

Photo: class submarine K

Installation of the aircraft on the deck.

Photo: captain Lunin surrounded by sailors on deck.

Burning ship at sea.

Seaman wrote on the dashboard: "For the Motherland".

Submarine at sea, the sailors on the deck.

Acoustician at the instruments.

Screws under water.

Periscope above the water.

The captain at the periscope.

German ship.

Soviet sailors at the instruments.

Sailors from the nasal spotlights.

German ships at sea.

The submarine, appliances, a sailor at the periscope.

Submarine torpedo releases.

Torpedo in the water.

Exploding ships.

Photo: captain Lunin.

Shipwrecks on the water.

Ships at sea.

Airplane over the water, the bombing.

Sailors on ships.



Defense and internal security; Wars, conflicts and disasters; World War II