Secret training ground (2006) Last Prisoner

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Producer Silver Screen

Series №1 Last Prisoner

Newsreel of the late 40-ies .: Parade of the Soviet military.

Spandau Prison.

Parade British military.

Watchtower, guard on the tower.

Spandau prison gates.

Photo: Rudolf Hess in the prison yard.

The newspaper "The Times" article about the death of Hess.

Photo Hess.

Newsreel 1939 - 1945 gg .: The German planes in the sky, explosions.

Destroyed cities.

Refugees in the streets.

Explosion outside the British city.

Planes in the sky.

The hand on the key cipher.

British military in artillery shells on a background of the Clock Tower of Westminster Palace.

Churchill looking through a telescope.

Hitler with his generals over the map in the office.

Production of cartridges and shells at the factory.

British soldiers have radar, British pilots run to the aircraft.

Aircraft fly in the sky.

Photo Hess.

The British military have fascist wreckage of the plane.

Photo Hess.

Hess at the controls of the aircraft.

Planes in the sky.

The pilot ejected from the plane with a parachute.

The plane goes into a tailspin, falling.

Pilot in the air.

Photos of Karl Haushofer.

British military tolerate people from the destroyed building.

Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine Churchill passing in an open car, they are greeted by the British.

Churchill is present at the exercises.

The outlines of the Palace of Westminster on the background of the cloudy sky.

British flag flies over the Tower.

Spandau prison guard in the tower.

German beer, the people at the tables.

Newsreel 1939 - 1945 gg .: The German soldiers ride on the carousel, drink beer.

Pass Hitler and Hess, get in the car.

It Hess, Hitler listens.

Pass the German soldiers.

Hess rides in the car, waving his hand.

Pass Hitler and Hess.

Flags with swastikas, hands in a Nazi salute.

Hess acts.

A soldier looks through binoculars.

Hess of the floor.

Passes through the tank.

Paratroopers are ejected from the aircraft.

Goering in the car over the map, sits Hitler.


Participants of the Soviet-British-French meeting go to the meeting.

Winter Kremlin.

Britain, Churchill bypasses the formation of soldiers.

Passes by female soldiers, greets them.

Stalin - close-up.

Hitler during a military parade.

Ribbentrop in Moscow, meeting with Molotov.

Molotov signs the pact.

Stalin stands with a cigarette in his mouth.

Hitler and Goering.

Plane in the sky.

Hess at the controls of the aircraft.


Hess passes through the park.

Karl Haushofer.

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: Soldiers rinsed in buckets.

Photos of Hess in the Kaiser form.

Area Munich fountain.

Interior Munich University.

Newsreel 1939 - 1945 gg .: Tibetan mountains.

Face of a Buddhist monk.

Photo Haushofer.

Nazi parade.

Photos of Aleister Crowley.

Chkrchill acts.

Palace of Westminster.

Nazi symbols, fireworks.

Hitler, Hess at the main entrance.

Hess at the controls of the aircraft.

Lord Douglas Hamilton lays a wreath at the monument.

Hamilton says.

Westminster Abbey.

Radio studio.

British military.


Goebbels writes radio address.

Hitler goes to the generals.

Hess and Martin Bormann.



Hitler and Hess go to the car.

Nazi rally.

Hitler and Hess raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

Hess at the controls of the aircraft.

Nemetsuie planes in the air bombardment.

Destruction on the streets of London.

Goebbels and Drew at the meeting, said Goebbels.

Photo by Ian Fleming.

The work of British intelligence: file cabinet, working with documents, training on shooting, radio operators, telegraph operators.

Hess riding on a camel.

Photo Hess, Hess with Gimlerom.

NSDAP congress hall applauded, raises his arms in a Nazi salute.

Bride Ilse Hess Prel.

Hess acts.

Newsreel 1946 .: Hess enters the courtroom.

The Nuremberg Trials, the types of rooms.

Newsreel 1940-1950-ies .: Spandau prison guard tower.

Photo: Hess for a walk.

Newsreel 60-ies .: Hess for a walk.

Build military marches at the gates of Spandau.

Photos from the place of death of Hess.

Newsreel 1984 .:

Hess passes son.

Photo: Hess's son from his father's body.

Coffin are entered in the plane.

Funeral Hess.

Newsreel 1939 - 1945 gg .:

Clock Tower of Westminster.

Churchill passes.

Churchill at the table.

Newsreel 40-ies .:

Spandau Prison.

British military.

Newsreel 60-ies .:

Hess for a walk.


2006 1939-1945