The socio-political life of Russia early 20's. XX century. (1920 - 1925)

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Scene №1 The socio-political life of Russia early 20's. XX century

Lenin Hills in winter.

People are cutting wood, transport logs.

It takes a formation of soldiers.


Radek, Bukharin, Kamenev and talk on the street.

K.Tsetkin, G.Zinovev and others on the podium.

It should be a formation of soldiers on the platform.

Suitable train labeled "Hammer and Sickle defeat hunger."

Pass arrived at the Congress of the Comintern delegates.

It should K.Tsetkin.

The meeting of the Congress of the Comintern in the palace Urickogo in Petrograd.

Sing delegates in the hall.

Story of the Red Army held on Red Square.

Trotsky takes military parade.

Demonstrators with banners "Rot Front" (in German).

Rallies in Europe in support of Russia.

The celebration of May Day.

The grand meeting in the hall.

Sitting G.Zinovev.

The trial of the Right Socialist June 8, 1922:

They're bringing the accused is discharged from the machine.

Defendant Konopleva.

Checking outside the courthouse.

Defendant Semenov.

The meeting of the Supreme Tribunal of the Central Executive Committee in the case of right-wing SRs in the Column Hall of the House of Unions.




Mass famine victims in the Volga region.

The process of confiscation of church property, inventory of church property.

Delegates held in the building.

The meeting of the Congress.

Cheering in the hall.

Sitting Stalin.

Trotsky speaks.

People walk along the corridor of the building.

The march to the Kremlin.

Nadezhda Krupskaia acts with the congress.

Delegates on the sidelines.

Trotsky goes with the Red Army on the field.


Typist typing.

Trotsky in his study.

The man conducts against icons.

Key words

The world proletariat The Communist International


Cetkin Klara Zinovjev G. Trockij L. Krupskaya N.




Moscow Petrograd Volga

Industry; Transportation; Defense and internal security; Foreign policy; Domestic policy; Religion