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Algeria - The rapid development of the industry after the agrarian reform. Zaire - Thousands rally in Kinshasa, in honor of the 7th anniversary of the Second Republic. Speakers Mobutu. Zaire - Mobutu opens first hydroelectric complex on the Congo River. Japan - The parliamentary elections. Vote, Prime Minister Tanaka, chairman of the Central Committee of the JCP Nosakov. The results of the voting. Japan - Leaders of the socialist and liberal-democratic party celebrating their victory in the elections. Japan and others - Tokyo, London, Beijing, Paris, New York, Moscow - Annals of 1960-1972 years. on the largest cities of the world - for the upcoming meeting of mayors in Tokyo. Japan - Mayors of London, Moscow, New York, Paris and Tokyo, visiting the new residential area of ​​Tokyo. The mayors of the meeting. Japan - The mayors of the five largest cities in the world at a train station at rush hour, visiting the plant for processing waste. South Vietnam - Saigon Air Force pilots Education. The border of India and Pakistan - The signing of a new line of military control in Kashmir. Bolivia - Military patrols and armored vehicles in the streets of La Paz during a strike by workers. Bolivia - Hard working and living conditions of miners based mines in Siglo. Ireland - Demonstration of students in Dublin against the bill, aimed at the destruction. England - London in honor of the 24-hour railway strike. Italy - In Rome, on the day of 24-hour regional strike. Italy - Demonstration in Rome (cycling) in protest against air pollution by exhaust gases. Etc. USA - The inventor shows he created the car-plane.