N.I.Eltsina in Japan (1990-1999)

Footage №32860, 1 footage, duration: 0:26:44
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Scene №1 N.I.Eltsina in Japan

Types of Tokyo - different plans with the top point.

N.I.Eltsina and accompanying persons out of the elevator, go through the lobby of the hotel.

N.I.Eltsina sits in the car.

N.I.Eltsina in front of the State Children's Hospital talks with the medical staff.

Children who are treated at the clinic under the supervision of nurses play in the lobby of the hospital, near the children are dropper.

Children's shoes on the floor.

N.I.Eltsina and accompanying persons are, take off their shoes.

N.I.Eltsina talking with the children.

The hospital building.

N.I.Eltsina out, saying goodbye to the medical staff, sits in the car.

Tokyo - removed from the movement.

N.I.Eltsina and accompanying persons on excursions in the garden, different plans.

Interview N.I.Eltsinoy - says about the hospital visit, a tea ceremony, the Museum of Tokyo (synchronously).

Pass N.I.Eltsina and accompanying persons.

N.I.Eltsina and others in the lobby.

Key words



Eljcina N.I.

Calendar: 1990th

Locations: Japan [112] Tokyo [866]

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