Germany 20-30th century gg.20 (1930-1934)

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Scene №1 Germany 20-30th century gg.20

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A man and a woman in a children's pension, the children wash their hands at a column, a man and a woman at a table handing out candy to children

Ladies, ladies, demonstration of clothes, a man peeking through the keyhole of a woman preens.

Nude girl sketches underwear.

The people in the cave.

The royal couple on a throne watching the beginning of hunting, hunters in the field, a pack of dogs.

The building of the town hall in Vienna.

Fighting dogs

Exit from the tunnel, train with the mine trolleys, tram goes on piles, construction, excavator bucket digging the earth, people are hammering the ground under the pile.

The traffic in Germany, the people on the street, street vendors, shop window, a fight in the street, transformer pole, cafe, passers-by.

Austria: Government members descend the stairs, the parade at the Town Hall Square, the mass demonstration, rally,

Trams, hearse, traffic, locomotives, trains.

Station in Berlin: Train station vanity, the porters, the passengers off the train, loaded the luggage into a taxi, stagecoaches.

The aircraft "Lufthansa", takes off, the aircraft in the sky, panorama of the city from an airplane.

Trams, street, hotel, people enter the hotel porter

Steam locomotives, machinery, traffic, traffic controller.

Doll in the window, picks up cigarette butts beggar, street, transport, train.

Berlin working-class district, workers wash their hands in basins, the people on the street come from the factory, the gates are closed.

Opens a gateway swim boats, children frolic in the water, sailing regatta.

Children on the mini-typewriters, rally, marathon, release of doves, greyhound racing and other fragments

sports: rowing, swimming, tennis, horse racing, racing, polo, etc.

People walk through the park, newsboy, people in outdoor cafes, a restaurant, dancing at the restaurant, a stroll in the park, street

Evening Berlin, the lights in the houses, windows, riding cars with headlights, people go to the theater, the cinema, watching passers-by windows, neon signs.

Actresses in the dressing room preparing for the performance, the conductor, orchestra, theater performance - a variety show.

People go out after the show, an evening street, signs, lights, pedestrians and cars.

Hockey players go out on the ice skater, a group of girls dancing in snowshoeing, cross-country skiers, hockey game, track cycling, boxing match.

Dance, jazz band, dancing couples.

Tram, road workers repairing rails, city traffic.

Men in a pub company in the pub, drinking champagne, fun, people are dancing in the restaurant, casino - card roulette.

Night street, fireworks, lighthouse.

Key words

The pre-war Germany

Calendar: 1930-1934

Locations: Berlin, Germany Vienna Western Europe

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