The mystery for millions of eyes. Eight-legged neighbors (1989)

Film №33949, 1 series, duration: 0:15:42
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kosachev S.
Screenwriters:Lazutkin S.
Camera operators:Fomichev L.
Composers:Gajnulin R.


Children's scientific and educational film about spiders living in the reservoirs.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A boy with a fishing rod near a tent on the shore of a pond.

Reflections in the water.

The children whisper and run out of the tent.

The boy helps the girl to climb on the log.

Children walk on a log.

A hedgehog climbs on a log.

The hedgehog falls into the stream.

The hedgehog gets out of the water and hides under a log.


The hedgehog hunts the frog.

The hedgehog catches and eats its prey.

A frog in the grass.

The girl comes out from behind the tree.

A boy on a log.

Children in the forest.

Thickets of sedge.

A boy with a fishing rod at the tent.

View of the field.

Children run out of the forest into the field.

The boy calls his friends.

The children run up to the tent.

Friends enter the tent.

The man at the table turns on the TV.

On the screen, footage of an educational film: children walking along a branch.

The boy's face.

Water skaters.


Spiders crawl on duckweed on the surface of the water.

A spider on a potbelly flower.

Dolomed (border hunter).

Dolomedus crawls on the grass stalks.

Spider chelicerae.

The female dolomeda crawls on duckweed.

A boy walks across the TV screen, two children sit on a grass stalk.

A female dolomite with a cocoon.

The beetle spooked the spider.

The spider climbs on the grass.

The scientist on the TV screen examines the leaves.

The face of a scientist.

The spider dives into the water and climbs back out onto the grass.

On the screen, the boy is sitting on a blade of grass next to a spider.

The spider climbs up the grass stalk and warms the cocoon in the sun.

The spider escapes from the path of the Dolomites.

Spiders on a grass stalk.

On the screen, the boy is sitting on a blade of grass next to a spider.

A silver water spider crawls on the grass.

Serebryanka under water.

A spider's hideout in a reed stalk.

The silver spider carries air into its home.

The meeting of two spiders.


Spiders fight.

The defeated spider leaves the reeds.

Serebryanka builds a new home among the underwater vegetation.

A spider in a ready-made house.

Serebryanka climbs out of the shelter and weaves nets to catch prey.

Children's faces.

The spider drives the alien away from the dwelling.

Serebryanka returns to the house.

The boy's face.

Children on the TV screen.

A snail swims up to Serebryanka's home.

The spider pushes the snail away.

The snail crawls along the stem under the water.

Another silver spider swims past the spider house.

Silverfish lives in the sink.

Children in the tent and on the TV screen.

New-born cubs of the Dolomedes caemata.

The mother protects the offspring.

The face of a scientist.

The man turns off the TV.

Children prepare tea at the tent.

Reflections in the water.

The children drink from the mugs and return to the tent.

View of the tent lit from the inside.

A bonfire is burning at the entrance.

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