The mystery for millions of eyes. Eight-legged neighbors. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
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Director: Kosachev S.

Script writers: Lazutkin S.

Operators: Fomichev L.

Composers: Gajnulin R.


Children's scientific and educational film about spiders living in the reservoirs.

Biology | Nature films | Educational films

Movie №1

The boy with a fishing rod near the tent on the waterfront.

Reflections in the water.

Children whispering and run out of the tent.

The boy helps the girl to climb on the log.

Children go on a log.

According to the log climbing hedgehog.

Hedgehog falls into the creek.

Hedgehog is selected from water and hiding under a log.


Hedgehog on a frog hunt.

Hedgehog catches and eats prey.

Frog in the grass.

Girl emerges from behind a tree.

Boy on a balance beam.

Children in the forest.

Thickets of sedges.

The boy with a fishing pole from the tent.

View of the field.

From the forest to the field sprint children.

The boy calls friends.

Children run to the tent.

Friends come to the tent.

The man at the table turns on the TV.

The screen shots of the film school: the children are on a branch.

The boy's face.

Water striders.


Spiders crawl on duckweed on the surface of the water.

Spider on a flower egg capsules.

Dolomed (kaС‘mchaty hunter).

Dolomed crawling on grass stems.

Spider chelicerae.

Dolomeda female crawling on duckweed.

On the TV screen goes boy, two children sitting on the grass stalk.

Female dolomeda a cocoon.

Beetle frightened spider.

Spider climbs on the grass.

Scientist on the TV screen inspects leaves.

The face of the scientist.

Spider dives into the water and gets back on the grass.

On the boy sits on blade of grass next to the spider.

Spider climbs the stalk of grass and warm cocoon of the sun.

The spider runs away from the path of dolomeda.

Spiders on a stalk of grass.

On the boy sits on blade of grass next to the spider.

On the water the grass crawling spider silverfish.

Serebryanka underwater.

Refuge spider stem bulrush.

Spider-jewel is the air in your home.

The meeting of two spiders.


Spiders fighting.

Defeated spider leaves reeds.

Serebryanka building a new home among underwater vegetation.

Spider in the finished house.

Serebryanka gets out of the asylum and weaves a network for catching prey.

Those children.

Spider drives away from the alien property.

Serebryanka back into the house.

The boy's face.

Children on the TV screen.

By dwelling silverfish swims snail.

Spider snail repellent.

Snail crawling on the stem under water.

Past the house spider floats another spider silverfish.

Serebryanka lives in the sink.

Children in a tent and on the TV screen.

Newborn Young dolomeda kaС‘mchatogo.

Mother protects offspring.

The face of the scientist.

A man turns off the television.

Children prepare tea at the tent.

Reflections in the water.

Children drink from the mugs and returned to the tent.

View lit inside the tent.

At the entrance to the fire burning.

Key words

Lake. Ponds. Insects. Arthropods. Arachnids.