On steel lines 1990 № 272

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Other authors: V.Berman, A.Sokolov, V.Bezenkov, N.Zotov, D.Serpuhin, I.Percovskij, V.Klimov i dr.

Reel №1 On the highways of steel

In the newsreel includes the following topics :

1st plot.

The system of many units.

A general view of the locomotive depot Smolyaninovo Far w / d, service station Smolyaninovo -Nakhodka .

The motion w / d of path , over the bridge , through a tunnel.

Production processes in the locomotive depot.

General view of the locomotives, connected by two multi-core cables.

Type of automatic control system of an electric .

A worker checks the depot units of automatic control.

The driver in the locomotive cab is two locomotives .

2nd plot.

Family team Gavrilova .

The motion w / e of the Kurgan distance of the South Urals w / e Travel workers - members of a family team V.L.Gavrilova to repair w / d fabric.

Brigadier V.L.Gavrilov goes home .

General view of the house.

Gavrilovuh where the family lives .

Members of the family are sitting at the table at home, drinking tea. V.L.Gavrilov gives interviews ( synchronously).

Family members Gavrilovuh work at home : fed pigs, working in the garden with their children .

The team is sitting in his office, discussing a plan of future work .

Third plot.

New item diagnosis .

A general view of the Omsk locomotive depot .

Interior view point diagnostics.

Checking the locomotives at all positions paragraph using sensors and other devices including and inventive employees depot.

Mapping the repairs on the computer .

4th plot.

The river is clean.

General view w / w station "Red estuary ." View of a street Krasny Liman .

General view of the treatment facilities for wastewater treatment in the city .

Staff at the station taking water samples , conduct tests on water contamination in the laboratory.

General view of the settlers .

Process water treatment and chlorination .

Start of treated water into the river.

View of the River Donets.

A man with a boy in a boat , catch fish in the river

Key words

Rail transport



Transportation; Ecology; Social life