Soviet Ural Mountains № 6 (1977)

Newsreel №3433, 1 part, duration: 0:09:43
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:E. Galjper
Camera operators:R. Lyaginskov, V. Litvishko, V. Podshivalov
Other authors:L. Bortvina


Home building. Nizhny Tagil. Blooming? 1500 ". 2. Labor Glory. Magnitogorsk. Steel Mill. 3. They lead the harvesters. Mound. State Farm? Pioneer ". 4. Sverdlovsk winter. Species. 5. Music will be eternal. Sverdlovsk. Skaters N.Karamysheva and R. Sinitsyn.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Title: "Decisions of the XXV Congress of the CPSU-to life!"

Title: "The main construction site of the Middle Urals".

Workers in construction helmets, a woman solemnly raises a large souvenir key over her head, flowers are presented to her, everyone applauds.

Panorama of the workshops of the Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant.

Bluming 1500, (crimping mill for pre-crimping large cross-section steel ingots into blums).

Burning lava on the conveyor belt.

Blasting operations.

The work of the excavator.

Crawler tractor.

The movement of the truck on the territory of the plant.

Operation of the crane.


Panorama of the construction area.

The high-rise installer works.

The builder holds the rope.

Operation of the crane.

The builder holds the rope, gestures.

Panorama of the construction site.

The work of a welder and a milling machine operator.

Truck on the territory of the construction site.

The face of a metallurgist.

Panorama of the construction site.

Railway train.

Panorama of the factory part of the city of Magnitogorsk, factory chimneys smoke.

Steel shop of the metallurgical plant.

Metallurgists communicate.

Metallurgists at work.

Production operators in the control room.

Measuring devices.

The hook of the crane with the load.

The work of the foundry.

Winter landscape of the countryside.

Wooden buildings in a birch grove.

Cars and units of rural equipment in the snow.

New machines for sowing operations are examined by specialists.

Testing the strength of tractors.

Inspection of the body.

A technician driving a tractor.

Specialists inspect the inventory.

Student audience.

Girls at their desks, taking notes of lectures.

Notebooks with notes.

Teacher at the blackboard.

The faces of the students.

The teacher at the blackboard with the diagram.

Teenagers at the desk.

Shop of the tractor plant.

Tractor driver and his students.

Students in practice.

A tree in the snow.

Panorama of a snow-covered field.

Bullfinch on a branch of a birch.

A man in a flight uniform feeds a chickadee with his hand.

A girl with a dog on a leash crosses the road.

A busy city street in Sverdlovsk.

Monument to Ya. M. Sverdlov in Sverdlovsk.

The roadway of Lenin Street in Sverdlovsk.

A woman walks down the street.

The movement of trams on the Square of 1905 in Sverdlovsk.

A man with skis on his shoulder.

Children's hockey team with a coach.

The faces of the boys.

Hockey race at the stadium.

Plotinka in the Historical Square in Sverdlovsk.

Panorama of Lenin Street in Sverdlovsk.

Snow-covered fir trees are visible through the forged casting.

Children on the ice rink.

A pair of ice skaters, (Natalia Karamysheva and Rostislav Sinitsyn).

The coach, (Tatyana Rozhina), monitors the training of skaters, makes notes in a notebook.

Training on the ice.

L. A. Pakhomova, (outstanding Soviet figure skater, Olympic champion), gives her instructions to the skaters, (Natalia Karamysheva and Rostislav Sinitsyn).

Coach-T. A. Rozhina.

Figure skater L. A. Pakhomova on the ice.

Natalia Karamysheva.

L. A. Pakhomova on the ice.

Training of a pair of skaters, under the guidance of mentors.

L. A. Pakhomova gives advice to Natalia Karamysheva.

A couple of skaters continue training.

Key words

Factory, workshop, construction site, tractor, ice hockey, figure skating

Locations: Magnitogorsk Nizhny Tagil Kurgan region [783] Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Winter [823] Snow [834]

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