Foreign newsreels 1970 № 2231

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Japan - EXPO - 70.Yuzhny Vietnam - Handing over a large U.S. military base at Lai Khe troops of the puppet government. South Vietnam - Work on developing new weapons and protective clothing material command of the U.S. Army. South Vietnam - Exploding bridge on the most important road Thanh-Ack. Americans restore the bridge. Jordan - Statement by Palestinian guerrilla leader Yasser Arafat during a press conference in Amman. Jordan - Education of children - the future guerrillas in a special camp at Bakka. OAR - Negotiations between the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Vinogradov and Foreign Minister Riyad SAR. England - Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of the United Arab Republic Allon accuses Arab guerrillas in the explosions in the airline industry. England - Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Israel - Eban and England - Stuart. Cyprus and Italy - Annalistic material about President Makarios of Cyprus. (To attempt on Makarios). GDR - AA Gromyko examines the Berlin border wall. West Berlin - Axel Springer suddenly appeared as a defense witness at the trial lawyer's Mahler. France - General de Gaulle at the funeral of a priest Columbia-les-Deux-Eglises. USA - Arrival of French President Georges Pompidou in New York. Pro-Israeli demonstration at the airport in New York. USA - Nixon and Pompidou at a dinner in New York (the act). Puerto Rico - Student unrest in San Juan. Guatemala - Unrest (fighting) during the presidential election campaign. The President of Montenegro. And more. Mexico - Monitoring the total solar eclipse in the village Miahuatlan.