Soviet Ural Mountains 1977 № 34

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: E.Galjper

Script writers: L.Bortvina

Operators: A.Krugovih, K.Duplenskij, V.Gorshkov, R.Lyaginskov


1. Portrait of the old Bolshevik M.Ya.Krauklis. 2. Collection of oil on the rig to discuss the draft Constitution of the USSR. 3. Impact on labor Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant for the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution. 4. Experimental Seed Station in Perm. 5. Sightseeing boat on the river Kama. 6. Pionerlager for young firefighters in Sverdlovsk.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Tales of the Communists."

Portrait of the old Bolshevik Mary Yanovna Krauklis.

Summer camp, great collection.

Pioneers applaud MJ Krauklis.

Tied her pioneer tie.

Krauklis communicate with children.

Private matter Krauklis.

Photo of a young Bolshevik.

Mandates party rallies, conferences addressed Krauklis.

Work-book Krauklis.

Pioneers warmly applauded.

Krauklis in awards and pioneer tie.

Congratulations Krauklis 80-year anniversary.

Inaugural Meeting of the flowers and applause.

2. The plot of "October, 60th year."

Western Siberia oil field.

Tyumen drillers working on the tower.

Collection of drillers.

Party leader read out the draft Constitution of the USSR in 1977.

Drillers listening and applauding.

Drillers climb the tower stairs. 3. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, plant № 7. Action "60 weeks of shock to the 60th anniversary of October".

Production facilities and equipment.

Casting pipe work.

Water cools the cast pipe.

On conveyors incandescent gazovodoprovodnye pipe.

Engineer at the controls.

4. The plot of "Ural.

Non-Black Earth ".

Perm Regional Agricultural Experimental Station "Lobanovskaya."

The new technology of seed treatment.

Territory semeochistitelnoj complex.

Scientists working.


Work includes conveyor.

Seeds piled on mechanical line.

Seed in the laboratory.

Warehouse, bags of seeds.

Transporters carrying bags of seeds.

The truck travels past the terminals. 5. Perm, Kama river.

The captain's cabin of the ship's tour.

The captain and helmsman at the wheel.

Crew members.

Vacationers on board.

Ship, barge and other river vessel. 6. Pionerlager Sverdlovsk branch of the All-Union Voluntary Society for the fire.

Pioneers buglers.

Pioneer marching troops from cities in the Urals.

Pioneers are mock two-storey house.

Instructor with the layout gives a lecture to children.

Firefighters communicate with children.

Boys in the cab while driving a fire truck.

Boys wear fire uniforms.

Fun starts.

Boys run a race, overcome obstacles.

Climb the stairs to the workout panels with windows.

Boys on the run unwound fire hoses.

Children cry, suffer.

Young firefighters jump through billboards.

Extinguish the fire extinguishers.

Pioneers of dance, lead dances.

Pioneers go fishing.


Tyumen region

CPSU activity; Industry; Childhood and youth; Sea and river transport; Agriculture; Society, social activities and community organizations