Soviet Ural Mountains 1977 № 35 "Decisions XXV Congress of the CPSU in life!"

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: M. Krajnova

Operators: V.Gorshkov, M.Novikov, R.Lyaginskov, B.Shapiro


1. Drilling worker AF Shinkevich NGDU "Kungurneft" Perm region. 2. Construction of power on Reftinskaya power plant in Sverdlovsk. 3. Repair base and AutoCity Bashkir transport management. 4. Fishing on the White River in Ufa. 5. Sports and technical club "Ural" and motocross school in the forest. 6. Hockey Tournament "Stone Flower" in Sverdlovsk.

Reel №1

1. Titer "Decisions XXV Congress of the CPSU in life!" Perm region.

Derricks on the banks of the Kama.

Operate oil and gas departments "Kungurneft."

Driller Anatoly Shinkevich.

Construction, drilling equipment.

Commander of the Order of Lenin A. Shinkevich receives the award.

Shinkevich with flowers in the lobby, talking with colleagues.

Watch the rig.

Shinkevich communicates with drillers. 2. Sverdlovsk, Reftinskaya TPP. Production capacity of the plant.

Engineers in the central control panel.

There is a construction unit, working, welding.

Truck crane with a load.

Design unit, installers work. 3. Bashkiria, Kushnarevsky area.

Hot summer day, harvesting, equipment in the field.

Farmer with a horse.

Ufa "Motorcade 1224" harvesting.

Repair base Bashkir transport management.

The truck drives onto the base.

Trucks in the parking lot under the eaves.

Working mechanics, blacksmiths.

Pull the drive out of the wheel, remove the tire.

Mechanic repairing truck engine.

Rotational town.

Prefabricated houses and trailers.

Drivers are playing chess on the street under a canopy.

The inscriptions on the houses "dispatch", "dining room".

Truck pulls into the territory of the grain elevator. 4. Ufa, White River.

Summer meadow coastal landscape.

Barge floats.

Fishermen in boats.

Fishing rod float.

Cats, dogs on the beach.

Fishermen clean fish, boiled ear.

Excursion boat. 5. Sverdlovsk school № 40. Training in the schoolyard.

Sports-technical club "Ural" under the direction of the honored coach of the Russian Federation VB Lipskaya.

Eight boys do on the bike.

Forest, Valentine Lisk explains in a portable board.

Boys wearing helmets with bikes, bicycles.

Motocross in the forest fragments competition.

The boys take off the helmet, smiling happily. 6. Sverdlovsk, sporting an ice palace.

Hockey tournament "Stone Flower".

On the field, players command "Motorist" (Sverdlovsk) and "Tractor" (Chelyabinsk).

Sverdlovsk hockey Vitaly edges and Victor Kutergin.

Poignant moments of the competition.

Spectators in the stands, a judge.


Perm Krai

Sectors of the economy; Automobile transport; Geography and Nature; Sporting events; Hockey