Soviet Ural Mountains 1978 № 13

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: E. Galjper

Operators: V. Monastirskij, S. Avdeev, E Smirnov, V. Litvishko

Reel №1

Scene 1 "On the ground, the Tyumen 'Burning gas flare on the fishery.

Vladimir Mashkov - 18 Delegate Congress of the Komsomol, the photo in the newspaper and he is talking to someone on the air in the winter.

Working in the oilfield, welding on the pipeline. V. Mashkov and other welders at work.

Insulation work on the pipeline.

Terrain vehicle rides on winter roads.

On a winter road trucks driven pipe.

Topic 2 "Non-Black Earth: stage of growth."

Agronomists in the room at the map discussing something.

Working with seed corn in the laboratory.

Tractor on field work on snow retention.

Tractor, truck on winter field work.

Landscape with the setting sun on the horizon.

Topic 3 (Untitled) The meeting room.

Speaker BV Konoplyev, First Secretary of the Perm regional party and awards honorary banner stud farm workers №9.

Pen for calves: winter walk, run, jump in the air Cow rekordistka other cows walking on air.

Orel horse breed, harnessed in a special device, walk in a circle in the air.

Horse with foal out of the room for a walk.

Horses and foals on a walk, play with each other, jump.

Horse hoof beats (the snow) - the largest.

Herd of horses galloping in the snow.

Horses with riders in wheelchairs compete in running on a snowy track horse farm.

Topic 4 (Untitled).

Birches in winter in the snow, in the background going skiers.

Health Resort on Lake Bear Urals, patients walk on a winter tracks.

Birch trees in the snow.

Canteen resorts preparing to receive visitors.

Patients relax in the lounge watching TV, playing chess, she knits.

Bear Lake in the winter.

Topic 5 (Untitled) on the 4th of winter sports of the USSR. Skater on the course.

Jump on the ski jumping.

Biathlete at the range lying shot smashes target.

Figure skating: a pair of Sverdlovsk (Karamysheva - Sinitcin) - champion of the Games.

The audience applauded.

Solemn closing of the Games of the Sverdlov Palace of Sports.

Parade participants.

PNRM. on the table, with prizes for the winners.

Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Council of Ministers of the USSR SP Pavlov presented awards to the winners.

PNRM. on the national team Sverdlovsk (won 3rd place team).

Removal of the banner and grand parade.

Avtotelezhka with luggage going on a field airfield in the background planes are.

By plane passengers climb aboard.

Key words

Sanatorium Winter sports


Konoplyev BV - First Secretary of the Perm regional party
Pavlov, SP - Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Council of Ministers of the USSR

Industry; Agriculture; Health; Sporting events