Soviet Ural Mountains 1978 № 21

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: E.Voroncova

Operators: A.Krugovih, B.Kustov, V.Litvishko, V.Monastirskij


1. Build the 203rd kilometer road Surgut - Urengoy. 2. Sowing potatoes at the farm "Druzhba" Kurgan region. 3. Museum of test pilot GY Bahchivandzhi in Sverdlovsk. 4. Last call in high school Sverdlovsk. 5. Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theatre.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "The land of the Tyumen '.

The November station in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Winter, women are on the forest belt. 203rd kilometer road Surgut - Urengoy.

Builders of 524 th construction and assembly of the train.

Girls-builders in hard hats.

Workers beat the index.

Installers laid link path.

Locomotive goes.

Builders congratulate bread and salt.

New work squad labor takes the baton.

2. Spring field under snow.

Frosty pairs of arable land.

Tractor in a field, snow, slush.

Agronomists are on a birch grove.

Take a sample of the earth.

Kurgan region, Kitovsky area farm "Druzhba".

Sunny day, the truck goes to the field.

Sev potato "Ipatovsk" method.

Plows plowed land.

Powered field technique.

Potatoes are poured out of the truck.

Link Ivan Semyonov lunch box.

Machine operators at the table, cook.

Operate farm machinery.

Machine operators in the field. 3. Sverdlovsk, village Koltsovo.

Museum of Memory test pilot GY Bahchivandzhi.

Photos of the first aircraft missiles, military aircraft.

Military photos of test pilots.

Board memory and pedestal Bahchivandzhi.

Students in the museum.

Pioneer with model airplane Jr. tells about the hero-pilot.

Students considered museum pieces.

Students in the cockpit with the pilot.

Pilot shows boys dashboard.

The plane takes off. 4. Last call in high school Sverdlovsk.

Gym, solemn line.

Students, teachers.

Graduates receive a matriculation certificate.

Graduates give flowers to teachers.

Hugging, kissing.

Girl with flowers.

Graduates applaud.

First grader runs with a bell. 5. Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theatre.

Posters and pictures of actors theater.

Stand with newspaper clippings.

The grand meeting in the regional committee of the party.

The first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee BN Yeltsin presents diplomas and flowers artists, chief director.

The main theater director V.A.Kurochkin received the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Photos Kurotshkina in costumes of the characters.

Kurochkin communicates with the actors in the lobby of the theater.

Fragment of rehearsal Offenbach operetta "Knight Bluebeard".

The actors sing and dance on stage (synchronously).


GY Bahchivandzhi
Boris Yeltsin


Tyumen region
Kurgan region

Construction; Trains; Agriculture; Heroes of Space; Education; Childhood and youth; Theater; Theatrical figures