Soviet Ural Mountains 1978 № 38 We at Kharasavey

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: A. Krugovih


Special Issue talks about labor feat Tyumen Petroleum and stages of development of the northern oil fields.

Industry | Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Photo of the oil rig in the birch, 1953.

Taiga village Shaim, 1960.

First Tyumen gas gusher.

Oilers hug, shake each other.

Oil workers on the rig.

ATVs pulling rig.

Samotlorsky well, 1965.

Poster "Give Samotlor!" Drillers ATV overcome the lack of roads.

Laying the pipeline.

Workers cook oil pipe.

Freightliner, cans of oil.

Oil workers on the rig, clubs frosty vapor.

Awarding the Order of oilman.

Urengoy, laying "golden link".

Bread and salt builders.

Builders are rejoicing.

Monument to the Conquerors of Samotlor.

Arctic Ocean, Yamal, Kara expeditions.

Helicopter icebreakers on the Kara Sea.

Arctic Cape Kharasavey.

Rover on ice.

Polar explorer with the equipment.

Handling equipment, trucks.

With the ship goes down truck.

Rover pulls on the cable terminal.

The Kara Sea ice blocks in the water, the surf.

Kharasavey, 1978.

Terrain vehicle rides on the beach.

The driver behind the wheel ATV.

Rocky shore, surf.

Field camp trailers.

Oilman is on the catwalk.

Oil workers work on the rig.

The drill string.

Radio operator sends a message in Morse code.

Arctic landscape.

Oilers at the meeting.


Cook prepares dough, bake bread.

Builders lay bricks.

Labor Watch.

Helicopter transfers trailer over shift camps.

Surf with ice blocks.

Oil workers on the rig.

Rain over the town.

Oil workers in trailers drink tea, play the guitar, communicate.

Managers fill the production of paper.


Birds on the beach.

Reindeer sleigh.

All-terrain vehicle on the road.

Helicopter transports cargo.

Baker pulls out of the oven loaf of bread.

Aboriginals with rifles and dog walk along the shore.

Drilling rig fire.

Oilers go.

The inscription on the administrative building of "Kharasavey - my biography."


Tyumen region Arctic Cape Kharasavey