Grey neck (1980)

Documentary №35193, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:28
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Popova V.
Screenwriters:Popova V.
Composers:Ziv M.


The film is based on the fairy tale D.N.Mamina Sibiryaka.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Birch trees on the waterfront.

Common (lake) gull in breeding plumage.

A flock of seagulls on the shore.

Gull preening its feathers.

Seagull sits in the slot.

The head of a seagull.

Whooper swan on the nest.

The head of a sleeping swan.

Swan in the nest, the second swan standing in the water next.

Swan cleans feathers.

Chicks gray goose.

A pair of adult geese.

Mallard Duck, female.

Mallard chicks.

Duck family down at the water.


A flock of mallards floating in reeds.

Black-headed Gull on nest.

Seagulls feeding chicks.

Duck with chicks in water.

The chick is trying to climb on the back of the mother.

Mallard chicks.

Duck chicks leads to the beach.

As the forest is man.

Fox runs across the path.

A man adjusts his cap.

Fox in the bushes.

Fox peeking out from under the spruce branches.

Fox runs across the meadow.

The head of a fox.

Fox under a bush.

The man leans over a bush, fox escapes.

Man stirs the bush.

Shook his finger after the fox, the person goes on.

Duck family on the path.

Fox in the grass.

A man walks along the shore of the pond.

Ducklings run across the path.

Fox attacks duckling.

A man throws a stick and drives away the fox.

Duckling rushes into the water.

Ducklings with mother sail from the coast.

Fox looks after production.

Fox hiding in the grass.

Lake View.

Growing in the water branch.

Duck with the grown ducklings.

Duck with a broken wing.

Lake View.


On the river floats swan with chicks.

Nestling Swan.

The family of mute swans.

Swans swim in single file.

Grey Goose fat lubricates feathers.

The head of a goose.

Chicks smeared goose feathers, mimic their parents.

A flock of cranes.

Cranes in the search for food.

A flock of water birds in the sky.

Mallard duck on the water.

Mallard flies from the shore into the lake.

A flock of young ducks flies behind her.

Birds trained takeoff and landing.

Ducks splashing in the water.

A duck with a broken wing.

A flock of ducks in the pond.

Yellowed reeds.

Wedge in the bush.

Ducks splashing at the shore.

Going duck flock.

An adult and a young mallard duck with a broken wing swim nearby.

Mallard mother flies.

Birds fly over the field.

A flock of water birds rises from the water.

Birds in the sky.

Panorama of the river and the peninsula.

A flock of birds flying south.

Key words

Animal Life.
Seasonal migration of birds.

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A duck with a broken wing on the water.

Duck is selected on the shore.

Duck on a forest path.

A hare under a bush.

Duck and Bunny.


The head of a duck.

A hare runs away.

Forest view from the water.

A duck swims in the lake.

On the coast goes a fox.

Duck restlessly spinning on the water.

Fox sitting on the beach.

Fox runs off into the woods.

Duck in the lake in the rain.

Viburnum berries on a branch.

Winter forest, snow.

Free ice polynya near the shore.

Duck in the polynya.

On snow fox runs.

Lisa moves back into the water to move out of the snow.

Duck splashing in a pond, a fox runs along the edges of the hole in the ice.

Fox runs off into the woods.

A duck swims in the lake.

Fox licked.

The fox and the duck on the water's edge.

Duck in the lake.

Herd hare.

Rabbits play in the woods and look for food.

In the forest there is a person on skis.

Rabbits run.

Hunter takes his gun at the ready.

Hunter throws a rifle over his shoulder and walks on the trail.

The man stopped on a slope and spots a fox on the beach.

Fox walks on the edge of the hole in the ice.

Hunter takes aim and fires.

Hunter runs to wormwood.

Duck in the water.

Hunter walking on the edge of the hole in the ice.

Duck splashing in the water.

A man warms his hands breathing, kneels and beckons duck.

Duck swims to the hunter.

A man takes a duck and hides in his bosom.

Hunter leaves the forest.

Water flows.

Forest River.

The spring flood in the forest.

Rabbits under a bush.

Leverets in the nest.

Hare scratching his neck.

The chicks in the nest.

Thrush feeding the chicks.

On the forest path is a hunter with his grandchildren.

People go to the beach.

Children open cart, the man pulls out a duck.

Children take in his arms and stroked duck.

Hunter takes a duck and let the lake.

A flock of mallards at the beach.

Duck bobs on the waves.

Children waving after the bird.

A pair of mallard duck and drake.

Lake view from the forest.

Panorama of the river from the field.

Key words

Animal Life.

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823] Spring [825]

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