How to see the animals (1970)

Documentary №35777, 4 parts, duration: 0:31:49
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Alchemy B.


The film is about the visual capabilities of animals.

Reel №1 How to see the animals

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The film is about the visual possibilities of animals

Key words

insect vision.
landmarks on the ground.

Calendar: 1970

Reel №2

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Sea surf.

Schools of fish swim in the sea.

Different fish eyes.


During the mating season, the male smelt has a red belly.

The female is gray.

A model of a fish painted in red is lowered into an aquarium with a smelt.

The male immediately attacks, protecting the nest.

The gray model (imitation of a female) is lowered, the male calms down.

The scientist installs two red feeders in the aquarium.

One feeder has a red signal, the other has a blue one.

The red signal lights up, food gets into the aquarium from the feeder.

There is no feed coming from the feeder with a blue signal.

The action is repeated.

They turn on the red signal, the fish gather at the feeder.

The fish do not respond to the blue signal.

Swap feeders.

Fish gather at the feeder with a red light.

Different types of fish.

Food is thrown into the aquarium.

Various figures of the same material are hung near the surface of the water.

The attention of the fish is attracted only by the shape in the form of a worm.

The aquarium is divided into two parts.

A transparent cylinder partially covered with black paper is installed in one side.

Feed is lowered into the cylinder.

In the side where the cylinder is located, the fish crowded around the feed.

In the second side, where the feed is not visible because of the black paper, the fish are also worried about the feed, because they see the behavior of other fish.

Cockerel fish, as soon as they see each other, enter into battle.

A scientist lowers a mirror into an aquarium with a cockerel.

The cockerel fish attacks its reflection.

Scientists are installing a screen with vertical stripes around a cylindrical aquarium.

The movement of the screen begins in a circle, the fish move behind the stripes.

Scientists change the direction of movement of the screen and the fish immediately change the direction of their movement.

Key words

fish vision.
orientation in space.

Calendar: 1970

Reel №3

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Fish among the corals.

Trees in the forest.

The bird feeds the chick.

A birdhouse on a tree.

Scientists paint a stuffed redstart in orange.

They are installed on the birdhouse.

A male redstart engages in a fight with a stuffed animal.

Scientists paint the orange color dark, the male redstart does not pay attention to the scarecrow.

Poultry yard on a chicken farm.

Scientists lay out seeds on squares of different colors.

The grains on the red square are glued, the others are not.

Chickens peck seeds from two squares, but they can't on the red one.

The scientist peels off the grain from the red square.

The chicken pecks the grains from the green and blue squares, and ignores the red one.

Figures of grains in the form of a circle lie on the glass, and in the form of a triangle under the glass.

The chicken pecks the grains.

All the figures are placed on the glass.

The chicken still eats the grains in the form of a circle.

A mock-up made of cardboard in the shape of a turkey was installed among a flock of turkeys.

Turkeys mistook the silhouette for a turkey.

Scientists have left only the silhouette of a turkey's head among the turkeys.

The behavior of turkeys has not changed.

An ordinary toad.

A fly appeared nearby, a toad catches it.

The scientist puts a motionless fly next to the toad.

The toad does not react.

The fly moved, the toad caught it.

Key words

bird vision.

Calendar: 1970

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A dog is running across the field.

A hare in a clearing.

Dogs are chasing a hare.

The hare stopped.

The dogs ran past.

The hare begins to move, the chase resumes.


Roe deer.

The eagle watches the moving roe deer.

The attack of an eagle on a roe deer.

Monkeys are playing on a tree.

A macaque.


A flock of baboons.

Scientists put a rubber crocodile on a platform with baboons.

At first the animals get scared, then they get used to not paying attention.

Scientists begin to move the toy, panic begins among the monkeys.

Alternating frames with the eyes of different animals.

A monkey is sitting on a tree.

Key words

the dog's vision.
eagle vision.
animal vision and movement.

Calendar: 1970

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