And grandchildren to pass .... (1985)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zavolzhin V.

Script writers: Rozhdestvenskaya L.

Operators: Tishkevich S.


The film tells about Siberians volunteers 78 separate infantry brigade. Used chronicle of the Great Patriotic War.

Veterans | World War II

Reel №1


The chronicle of the war years:

On the street the wind carries an umbrella.


Soldiers in tanks and in the trenches.

Shooting, drop dead soldiers.

A man reading a volunteer application.

Man is coming to the monument.

Playing a military band.

The chronicle of the war years:

Frontline Orchestra.

Solemn meeting in Krasnoyarsk on the Day of the Constitution, it is snowing.

The chronicle of the war years:

78 Soldiers Volunteer Infantry Brigade.

Soldiers go on the attack.

On the hill set banner.

To the monument are fir garland.

Alternation: demonstrators, shots Chronicle (farewell march of troops serving on the front).


Farewell to the veterans at the train.

The chronicle of the war years:

The soldiers waved from the car.

The passing train.

Says Guards sergeant medical service G.I.Radkevich.

The chronicle of the war years:

Nurse pulls the wounded from the battlefield.


Says Commissioner mortar battalion A.G.Sidelnikov.

The chronicle of the war years:

The field is a wounded soldier.

Killed soldier under the horse's feet.


on the road from the car type.

Death Valley.

Village houses and yards.

Obelisk in the forest.


View of the village.

The berries on the branches.

Obelisk under the tree.

Alternation: G.I.Radkevich says, chronicles footage (shooting artillery, bandaging the wounded).

Snow-covered trees, village houses.

The monument in the forest.

Tells A.G.Sidelnikov.

Funeral notice.


The chronicle of the war years:

Soldiers go on the attack.

Monument to heroes of the War of 1812 in Smolensk.

Cathedral of the Assumption.


07/10/1984 1941-1945


Krasnoyarsk [923] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Smolensk [822]


Autumn [826]

Reel №2

The branches of trees.

He lit the fire.

Tells G.I.Radkevich.

The chronicle of the war years:

Nurse bandaging the wounded children.

Children walk past a destroyed house.

Burning buildings.

Tells A.G.Sidelnikov.

The chronicle of the war years: Soldiers listen to the record.

People combed transmit comb each other.

Photographer shoots fighters.


Soldier goes through the snowdrifts.

The signalers in the forest.

German planes.

Clear bombs.

Alternation: bombings, the current state of forests in places bombing.

View of the village from the train window.

Kolomna, Peace Park.

Alternation: Vladimir Popov in the park, Guard Sergeant A.A.Krylov goes through the alley.

Meeting frontline friends.

Friends are removed through the alley.

Berry bushes.

School in a suburb of Saldus.

Rural landscapes.

The sun in the clouds.

Types of Riga.

Tidal bore.

The chronicle of the war years:

The troops are going to attack on the coast.

Barbed wire.

Sea waves.

The soldiers shake their comrade in their arms.

The soldiers on the streets.

Setting the flag on the roof.

Alternation: A.G.Sidelnikov says, chronicles footage (shooting artillery, soldiers dance in the back of a truck, a soldier a gun barrel shroud).

Meeting of veterans at the station.

Veterans lay flowers at the monument.

People go on the road in the rain.

Admission to the pioneers school with the participation of veterans 78 Infantry Brigade.

The chronicle of the war years:

Soldiers get out of the trenches and go on the attack.

Nurse pulls off the field injured.

Party ticket in hand.


Soldiers shoot.

Story veterans.

Vladimir Popov with his grandson.

Classes of schoolchildren shooting.


Tells A.G.Sidelnikov.

The street is a man leaning on a stick.


10.1984 1941-1945


Krasnoyarsk [923] Moscow region [788] Latvia [122]


Autumn [826]