Geometric fantasy (1979)

Documentary №36008, 1 film, duration: 0:17:12
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:S. Valov
Screenwriters:A. Rozentalj
Camera operators:S. Arceulova, E. Pronina, V. Ivanov
Sound mixer:M. Dmitrieva
Other authors:I. Mahova



A film about geometry as a science and about the geometric representation of physical phenomena.

Movie №1 Geometric fantasy

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The hand moves the pendulum.

View of a part of the earth's surface from space.

View of a part of the space station's solar array.

The sidewalk is paved with concrete tiles.

The hand removes the geometric shapes from the surface, and the billiard cue hits the remaining ball.

The pendulum swings.

Human hand c c part of the stage where the ballet duo performs (combined shooting).

Fragments of ancient buildings.

The damaged head of the statue.

Entrance with a flight of stairs.

An example of the straightness of Euclidean geometry (animation).

Images of the curvature of space according to Lobachevsky (animation).

The image of space according to Riemann's geometric theory.

Reflection of a city street and cars in a convex mirror.

Split image of the tower of an ancient building (combined shooting).

View of the wall of an old building (from bottom to top).

Panorama of green trees, view of a part of a metal fence.

Preparing for an experiment with a swinging pendulum.

Two glowing balls, on the surface of the balls, blind beetles crawl in opposite directions.

The beetle crawls on the surface of the ball.

The billiard ball breaks the "pyramid" at the beginning of the game.

A snapshot of the universe.

The curvature of space and the passage of time (animation), the performance of a ballet duo.

The ball rolls out on a round surface, stops at the center, and the hand takes the ball with two fingers.

A model of the curvature of space and time bent by matter.

An example of the curvature of space in another dimension.

Passing cars are reflected in a convex mirror.

The appearance of a line as a result of the movement of a point (animation).

The circle passes through the line, and a pulsating segment appears (animation).

The appearance of a plane as a result of the movement of the line (animation).

A swinging ball.

The track of the ball on the plane in the form of a pulsating circle (animation).

Moving the plane into the distance (animation).

A ballet couple in three-dimensional space.

Doors open and close.

The billiard ball breaks the "pyramid".

The movement of a four-dimensional "something" through our space, the appearance of a ball on a plane (animation).

A ball pulsating in space (animation).

Image of a cube on a plane in three-dimensional perspective.

Building a hypercube model in a four-dimensional perspective (animation).

Rotation of the cube in the candle flame.

The image of an infinite tape of the world in three dimensions, the migration of the inhabitants of the world to another galaxy (animation).

The figurines of the conditional inhabitants of the world move under the black rectangle, one of the figures falls inside the rectangle (animation).

Examples of two-dimensional space (animation).

Performance of a ballet couple.

Examples of the theory of living in two-dimensional space (animation).

Infinite tape of the world of two dimensions (animation).

Illustration of a zero-dimensional transition from the field of science fiction (animation).

Fragments of a metal fence.

Performance of a ballet couple.

Hit the billiard ball with the cue.

A symbolic image of a body flying at a speed close to light (animation).

Two-dimensional projection of the book on a white screen.

The flame of a burning candle.

The flame goes out.

A plane in the form of a scene in three-dimensional space, the lighting goes out.

Calendar: 1979

Locations: Moscow [820]

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