Enisei River's Meridian № 5 (1982)

Newsreel №3628, 1 part, duration: 0:09:57
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Mordvin S.
Camera operators:Galaganov V.
Text authors:Zadereev S.


Report on the implementation of the food program in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and familiarity with the folklore group of the village of Kamenka.

Reel №1

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1. Food Program - work nationwide.

Krasnoyarsk Territory, Nazarovo District, State Farm "Krasnaya", going on a field with a tractor trailer.

Combine harvest.

Tractor rakes hay stack.

Man raking hay.

Rick middle of the field, agricultural machinery.

On the edge of the forest herd of cows.

Shepherd G.S.Markov.

Calf comes to cows. G.S.Markov rides on horseback.

Shepherd guides the flock.

Cows returning to the cowshed.

Milkmaid R.M.Nichkovskaya.

Cows in their stalls.

R.M.Nichkovskaya milking cows.

The herd goes in the field.

Party secretary of the farm A.N.Ryabov talking to a journalist, a man sitting near the houses under construction.

Lake view from the trees.

Working Uzhurskogo fishery association "Krasnoyarskrybprom."

Fishermen float on the lake by motor boats.

Seagulls circling above the water.

Fishermen selected network.

River waves following a motor boat on the water.

Brigade A.M.Antsiferova fishermen throw nets.

Seagulls fly over the boat.

Uzhurskogo fish farmers.

The fry in the water.

The man pulls the water through the gateway.

A woman collects water plants.

Motor boats in the river.

Parking lot of the fishermen on the beach.

Fishermen sorting the catch on the catwalk.

Novonikolsk village, country road.

View of the village.

Trees on the hillside.

View of the village houses.

Says the deputy director of part-time farm factory "Krasmash" F.N.Galkin.

Working paints the wall.

Specialist check Switchboard.

Barn under construction.

Unfinished grain warehouse. F.N.Galkin.

Golf spikes swaying in the wind.

Panorama pig.

Building materials.

Unfinished shop.

The shop operates electric welder.

Working paints the wall.

Unfinished grain warehouse, inside view on the roof.

Automation pig.

Pig controls automatic feeders.

Pigs drink water from the drinkers.


Pigs in pens.

Greenhouse tomatoes on the branches.

Woman collects tomatoes.

Woman collects cucumbers.

The woman puts the tomatoes in boxes.

Blooming rose.

A woman carries a bucket of roses.

Buckets with a bouquet of roses on a trolley.

A woman carries a cart with roses on the aisle.

2. Irbeysky District, the village of Kamenka, people are arranged chairs in the hall of the club.

Collection of folk group.

Women set the spinning wheel.

Women visiting the spindle.

Elderly woman spinning yarn.

Powered spinning wheel, people embroider.

The staff in traditional costumes show the old folk rituals of courtship.

Woman with children in the seats.

Milkmaid G.A.Kazydub, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Women view photos.

Tells G.A.Kazydub.

She sings a song.

Those people singing.

Birch Grove.

Wind in the field.

The choir sings a song.

Panorama of the river because of the trees.

Farmers ted and mow hay.

Braids and rake the fence.

Alternation: machine operators sit on the grass near the tractor, the choir near the haystacks, people play and sing ditties.

Locations: Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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