Want to know everything № 288 (2005)

Newsreel №36371, 1 part, duration: 0:10:44
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kasjyanov N.
Screenwriters:Luzik T.
Camera operators:Vlaskov P.


Reel №1 Want to know number 288

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cap video magazine "want to know everything" № 288

Perebivkah - appears on the screen nut, under the inscription "I want to know everything"

Inscriptions: "What is the fossil?", "Who is in the honor guard at the Eternal Flame?," What is the diving? "

Flash effect.

Inscription "Fossils or evidence of the past."

Primeval landscape: sea, rocks, trees.

Against this background, - different types of animals and birds ancient

Primeval landscape: sea, rocks, trees.

Against this background, - different types of old animals and birds.

Gradually, all the animals disappear from the image.

Ancient shells and clams.

Panorama of the ancient sink.

The ancient fossilized shells.

Figure: Scientists working paleontologists about a dinosaur skeleton

Inscription "Paleontology.

Science of the development of the living world of our planet for all geological eras. "

Paleontological Museum - dinosaur skeleton.

Skulls of different dinosaurs.

Panorama of dinosaur skeleton

Panorama of the skeleton of a dinosaur.

Drawing - a dinosaur on the river bottom (split screen).

Panorama of the skeleton of a dinosaur.

Split screen, which in the context of: Drawing - dinosaur skeleton in the sand on the river bottom.

Panorama of fossilized dinosaur bones.

Skeleton in the thick sand.

Panorama of fossilized dinosaur bones.

Paleontological Museum - dinosaur skeleton.

In the picture the river split screen disappears, a dinosaur skeleton is on the ground.

Panorama of the fossils with imprints of plants and animals.

With the imprint of a fossil of an ancient animal.

Panorama print of leaves in the fossil record.

Distinct imprint of a plant leaf with veins in fossils.

Insect imprint in stone.

Panorama fingerprint fish in stone.

Imprint of a prehistoric bird's claw.

Various fossils.

Ancient fossilized shells of mollusks.

Fossil labeled "crocodile skull.

Cenozoic Era "

Inscription "Skull ulemozavra.

Palaeozoic "

Inscription "Skull mastodonzavra.

The Mesozoic era "

Image of dinosaurs in ancient forest.

Image - a dinosaur with a baby in the ancient forest.

Imprint of the ancient fish in stone.

Fossilized dinosaur eggs.

Exhibit Museum of Paleontology - large fossilized dinosaur egg shell with the remains.

Fossil skull of an ancient animal.

Paleontological Museum - skeletons of two dinosaurs.

Flash effect

The Kremlin wall, river, along the wall on the road going car.

Chimes of the Spassky Tower.

Honor guard at the Eternal Flame.

Hand in a white glove holding a rifle with a bayonet.

The soldier's face.

Presidential Regiment soldiers in the ranks.

Presidential Regiment soldiers marching with the flag of Russia.

Double-headed eagle.

Is the president of Russia; presidential regiment marching soldiers (with the flag of Russia).

President receives report from the chief of the Presidential Regiment.

Engraving - Emperor Peter I.

Orchestra of the Presidential Regiment, Presidential Regiment - the soldiers on horseback, part - marching on the parade ground.

Inscription "ceremony - is a solemn official act, which is observed during a special procedure - ceremonial."

Building on the parade ground.

Presidential Regiment soldiers with carbines.

Presidential Regiment.

Presidential Regiment soldiers in white gloves with carbines.

Presidential Regiment - foot and horse soldiers.

Soldiers of Presidential Regiment marching with carbines.

Presidential Regiment soldiers on horses.

Inscription "Patriotic War of 1812. A war in which the Russian army defeated the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte. "

Presidential Regiment soldiers with swords.

Soldiers corrected uniforms.

Formation of soldiers of the Presidential Regiment.

Soldier puts his boots on his head.

Formation of soldiers with carbines.

Honor guard at the Eternal Flame.

Soldiers marching in the Kremlin.

Polished boots.

Soldiers in barracks tidy their uniforms.


Armoured car enters the water.

Soldiers of the Presidential Regiment takes shotgun out of the closet with a gun.

Inscription "carbine - a shortened lightweight rifle.

Armed with the presidential regiment - self-loading carbine Simonov. "

Soldiers in the ranks; bayonets carbines.

Formation of soldiers - carbines shoulder.

Soldier with carabiner.

Honor guard at the Eternal Flame.

Honor Guard soldiers going along the Kremlin wall.

Flash effect

Inscription "Caution!

Dive! "

Brightly colored fish in the sea, near - divers.

A flock of fish in the sea.

Inscription "Diving English word meaning" immersion. " Today called diving scuba diving with special equipment. "

Diver surrounded by swarms of colorful fish.

Cylinder valve with compressed air.

The hand opens and closes the cylinder valve.

Hand valve attached to the hose.

Top diver above the water.

Diver plunges into the water.

Girl in a swimsuit standing on the edge of the pool holding a jumpsuit.

Akvalangistka girl in overalls.

Weight belt.

Akvalangistka girl in overalls with a weight belt on the edge of the pool.


The hand presses the valve and pumps air vest.

Attached scuba.

Akvalangistka girl in overalls with a weight belt, vest and diving mask on the eyes.


Akvalangistka girl in overalls with a weight belt, vest and diving mask on the eyes up to her coach.

Computer-sensor (compared to the pool).

Lifting scheme diver with depth.

Inscription "TCS - decompression sickness.

It is also called "the bends." With a sharp rapid ascent in human blood formed gas bubbles, because of which blood circulation, causing the diver in the water can happen faint and in the future may develop serious illness. "

Akvalangistka immersed in water.

Black fish in water.

A flock of yellow fish.

Diver underwater feeding fish.

A flock of small fish, big fish swims.

Coach corrects outfit on akvalangistke.

Scuba divers in the pool.

Akvalangistka immersed in the pool.

Two akvalangistki immersed.

Calendar: 2005

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