Want to know everything № 299 (2006)

Newsreel №36528, 1 part, duration: 0:11:00
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kasyanov N.
Camera operators:Vlaskov P.. Shidlovskii I.


Reel №1 HVZ number 299

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

NDP: "What is interesting Vorontsov Palace?"

NDP: "Who keeps order in the woods?"

NDP: "What is sculpture?"

NDP: "Amazing palace"

Modern homes

PNRM. from flowers to the palace

Vorontsov Palace facade

Vorontsov Palace facade mountains in the background.

People climb the stairs to the palace


NDP: "Relief - Structure of the Earth surface, a plurality of irregularities land, ocean and seabed."

Turret on the roof of the palace

Palace plan

Portrait Vorontsov

Departure from the palace walls

On the background of the palace walls - portrait E.Blora.

NDP: "E.Blor"

On the background of the palace walls - Alupka city views at different times, the old palace

Departure from the bowl on the palace grounds to the sea

Departure from the lion sculptures on the facade of the palace

Arrow - indicates the mountain

PNRM. to the northern facade of the palace


NDP: "Facade - the front side of the building structures."

Palace walls

Departure from the mountains to the palace

South facade of the palace

In the foreground - a sculpture of a lion in the background - the sea

South facade of the palace

South facade of the palace

Departure from the sea rose to ETA

Tower, Palace Street

Departure from the colors on the wall.

Palace wall, overgrown with flowers

PNRM. from the bush with flowers to the palace

Palace walls, palm trees

In the palace courtyard.

In the background - Mount Ai-Petri.

Turrets of the palace, immersed in the greenery.

Away - the mountains.


NDP: "Landscape - relief of the Earth surface, the overall appearance and character of the area."

PNRM. the stairs to the palace facade


NDP: "18 years"

PNRM. in the park.

NDP: "40 years"

PNRM. through the park to a heap of stones.

Swans on the pond


Vorontsov Palace

Departure from lilies to the palace

Flash effect

NDP: "easy job"

Path in the woods


Branches of trees

Forester goes through the woods


NDP: "Woodward - forestry employee or the head of them."

Forester inspects trees


Car pulls up with a sign "Forest Guardian".

Out of the car forester, is on site.

Forester goes on a forest road

Tree trunk

Forester marks "sick" tree

Forester marks "sick" tree.

On the tree - image of bark beetle.

Printing on wood


On the background PNRM. forest image - peasants uprooted forest

On the background PNRM. forest - image - monks build

Map forest area

On the background PNRM. forest - a set of laws - the NDP: "11th century"

On the background PNRM. forest - Yaroslav the Wise with a set of laws "Russian Truth"

On the background PNRM. forest - image - a scene of punishment for logging

On the background PNRM. Forest - Portrait of Peter I

On the background PNRM. forest - a portrait of Peter I.

NDP: "18th century"

On the background PNRM. forest -

Ships Peter I

On the background PNRM. forest -

Charter of Peter I in the woods

On the background PNRM. forest -

Decrees of Peter I

On the background PNRM. forest -

Employees of forest guards


NDP: "It is forbidden:


Entry by car




Dump garbage, scrap metal


Hunting and dog walking

Citizens enjoy the forest, keep it "


Forester goes through the woods


NDP: "Kennel - place cultivation of plants or animals, as well as the experimental plot on which to study them."




Hand forester

Forester inspects trees



There is a match, lit a red cross is crossed

Flash effect

NDP: "It is an ancient art form"

In the workshop - a sculptor and naturschitsa

Artists and sculptors from the rider sculpture

Sculpture - the girl's head - rotates


NDP: "Sculptor - artist, he studied sculpture.

Sculpture - the art of creating works of art by volume carving, carving, molding or casting, forging and engraving. "

Hand sculptor from the stack working on a sculpture

The oldest sculpture figurine

The oldest sculptural figure.

NDP: "25,000 years"

Egyptian sphinx.

Various photos


NDP: "Sphinx - in Greek mythology, a fantastic woman with the body of a lioness, and wings."

Ancient people around the campfire near sculptures idols

Sculptures of different ages and nations

Sculptor works


NDP: "Sculpting - creating the desired shape by the removal, cutting off the extra mass of the block of stone or wood."

Head sculptor

Head Artist's Model

The model on the platform

Sculptor rotates the foot platform

Artist's Model head rotates

Hands take clay

Machine with stand

Tools sculptor stacks

Hand takes the clay

Sculptor clay attaches to the frame

The Model.

Lump of clay on a frame more like a man's head

Sculptor works


NDP: "Bust - bust mostly portrait, an image of man in the round sculpture."

The model, sculptor, sculpture

Bust, the sculptor sculpture reformats

The model, sculptor, bust out of clay

The model, sculptor, bust - plaster

The model, sculptor, bust - bronze

The model, sculptor, bust - silver

Vorontsov Palace

Forester in the forest

Bust of clay, the sculptor

Calendar: 2006

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