Soviet Ural Mountains 1982 № 27

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1. The plot of "The Food Program - work nationwide" on the implementation of resolutions of the party in the Kurgan region. 2. The plot of "Science - production" on the establishment of the Urals his airship, an indispensable tool for the development of northern territories. 3. The plot of "In a world of your passions" of the orchestra of folk instruments in Pervouralsk.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "The Food Program - work nationwide."

Kurgan region.

The men in the boats on the river.

Kids go fishing.

A shepherd on a horse, a herd of cows.

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, field crop TS Maltsev in the field, at home.

Maltsev speaks Food Programme (synchronously).

Seeder working in the field.

Field of wheat sprouts, young ears.

Work plows, watering machine.

Field of ears of corn. 2. The plot of "Science - production".

Tyumen North, forest, off-road.

ATVs pulling rig.

Truck gets stuck in the mud pit.

On icebreaker lift cargo.

Helicopter installs a derrick.

Helicopter over oil terminal helicopter moves cargo.

Ural Branch of the All-Union Institute "Orgenergostroi."

Design Bureau, the designers behind the drawing board.

Designers communicate the layout of the airship.

Constructor new aeronautic machine DZ Bimbat.

Drawings and photographs of airships.

Landfill near Sverdlovsk.

Enthusiasts help designers collect airship.

Veteran aeronautics DS Spassky, a member of the departmental committee M.N.Goryachev.

Deputy Chief Engineer of the All-Union Institute "Orgenergostroi" IM Pogozhev.

Says I. Pogozhev (synchronously).

Bimbat directs the assembly of the airship.

Young people have the airship gondola.

Regulated tension ropes.

D. Spassky says (synchronously).

Airship "Ural" soars. 3. The plot of "In a world of your passions."

Pervoural'sk, the central square.

Speaker orchestra of folk instruments of the Palace of Culture Pipe Plant.

Solo children Lozhechnik.

Adults viewer smiling.

Woman playing the penny whistle.

Children playing on the folk string instruments.

Girl playing the washboard, saw, spoons.

Band on the background of the fountain, the audience.

Conductor, director of the ensemble VN Loginov.

Conductor, director of the ensemble VN Loginov.


TS Maltsev DZ Bimbat M.N.Goryachev IM Pogozhev DS Spassky VN Loginov


Kurgan region Tyumen region Sverdlovsk Pervoural'sk

Agriculture; Science; Air transport; Culture and Arts