Want to know everything № 305 HVZ number 305 (2007)

Newsreel №36595, 1 part, duration: 0:10:04
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kasyanov N.
Camera operators:Vlaskov P. Marin B.


Reel №1 HVZ number 305

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

NDP: "Why are beluga whales called" sea canaries "?"

NDP: "Who invented the bicycle?"

NDP: "How to tell the tale without words?"

Flash effect

NDP: "Belukha"

Different animals: rhinoceros, crocodile, giraffe, warthog, monkey, hippo, meerkats replace each other

Beluga whales back into the sea


White whale


NDP: "Beluga, Beluga, white whale, mammal dolphin family suborder of toothed whales"

Beluga whales and canary.

Between them - a question mark

Beluga whales swim


NDP: "More than 5 m"

Belukha in the pool


Sail by fish

Map of the polar region, where they live beluga

Beluga whales frolic in the sea

Stones washed by waves

Rocky seashore

2 beluga whales in the sea


Man hits the bell.

Head beluga


NDP: "Echolocation - the animals, and the perception of radiation reflected high-frequency sound signals to detect objects in space"

Scheme reflecting sound signals beluga

Adult and newborn baby beluga

White whale

Belukha in the pool

Belukha in the pool

Scientists on the beach watching the beluga whales through binoculars

Screen Monitor

White whale

Beluga near canary image

Flash effect

NDP: "Two-wheeled friend"

Children ride their bicycles on the forest

Girl riding a bicycle

Boy and girl on bike

Drawing - first bike.

NDP: "1817"

House of Baron von Dresen

Baron von Dresen


People ride bicycles, pushing off the ground

View Scotland.

NDP: "Scotland 1840"

Scheme levers


NDP: "Pedal - (Latin word for ankle, foot) - tripping lever for different machines and instruments of music, press the foot"

Type of France.

NDP: "France 1853"

Man on bicycle


Bicycle wheel


Ladies ride bikes-kostotryasah

Front wheels 3 bikes - top

Workshop for the production of rubber tires.

NDP: "1868"

Photo by John Boyd Dunlop

PNRM. up wheel bicycle

NDP: "1870"

PNRM. velipeda down on the wheel

Fragment Of k / f "Circus"

Modern bicycle

Wheel of a modern bicycle

The arrow shows the details of the bike

Children riding bicycles.

Against this background - different bikes


Wooden bicycle

Wooden bicycle.

NDP: "1902"

Children on bicycles

Different bikes

Boy on bike

A boy rides a bicycle brakes and falls

Flash effect

NDP: "Revived sculpture"

PNRM. upwards.

Indian dancer

Indian dancer

Dancer whirls

Dancers legs


Dancers - male and female


NDP: "Prayer - an attempt to talk, to communicate with God, gods or other supernatural beings"

Dancer shows gestures "words and phrases" NDP - "looking forward", "tie bracelets", "sore hands", "eyes", "write"


Dancers legs

Dancers - male and female

Ancient Egyptian murals


NDP: "They are left only with beautiful frescoes."

Fragment Of / f "Sadko"

Indian bas

Dancer and sculptures in different poses

Fragment Of / f "Sadko"


Several dancers dancing

Excerpts from stories

Calendar: 2007

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