Want to know everything № 314 (2008)

Newsreel №36617, 1 part, duration: 0:09:57
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kasyanov N.
Screenwriters:Kasyanov N.
Camera operators:Nesterenko Shidlovskii I.


Reel №1 HVZ number 314

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

NDP: "When there Pskov Republic?"

NDP: "What is enamel?"

NDP: "How submerged submarine?"

Flash effect

NDP: "Free City"

Pskov on the river bank

Kremlin tower

Coat of Pskov Republic


NDP: "Republic (the Latin word" respublica "- a public matter) - a form of government in which the highest authorities are elected or appointed for a fixed term popularly"

In the water tower reflected Kremlin

Map of Ancient Rus.

Images Krivichy

Kremlin tower

NDP: "11-12 age"

Fragment of k / f "Sadko"


NDP: "Kievan Rus - feudal state (9 -12 century), which arose in Eastern Europe as a result of combining Eastern Slavic tribes, ancient cultural center which was Dnieper River in Kiev, headed '

Fragment of k / f "Ivan the Terrible"


NDP: "Veche - the national assembly in Russia (10 -16 century).

Decide questions of war and peace, and called on the banished princes, enacted laws to enter into contracts with other lands "

Fragment of k / f "Sadko"

Assembly bell taken out of Pskov.

NDP: "1510"

Map of the Russian state

Kremlin walls

Kremlin towers

Kremlin walls

The interior walls of the fortress

NDP: "It's the roasting"

Artist on the nature

Artist's hand painted on enamel plate

Painting on enamel


NDP: "Enamel - the ancient name of the enamel, from the Greek" fingitis ", which means" bright, shining stone ", durable vitreous coating applied to a metal object and dockable firing"

Rostov Kremlin

Vintage enamel workshop artists


Portrait, decoration

Artist in the studio

Preparation plant enamel plates

Preparation plant enamel plate.

NDP: "layer 3"

The plate is placed in a muffle furnace

NDP: "700 œ -800 œ C"

Woman pulls the plate out of the oven


NDP: "asher - this heating device, the main feature of this oven is the presence of so-called muffle, which protects the material being processed is the main workspace muffle"


Hands of the artist to make a drawing on paper

Paint the brush plate

Artist paints

The plate was placed in a drying oven

The plate is placed on the firing

Figure is applied to the plate

casket, casket

The artist places the plate in the oven

NDP: "Submarine"

Man swimming underwater


Portrait of Aristotle, "bell"

NDP: "4th century BC"

Ships Nikonov

NDP: "1718"

Boat Simon.

NDP: "1747

Boat Simon "


NDP: "The muscular power of man and animals - the first energy source attached to a variety of mechanisms (arm, gates, hoist, wheel, etc.)"

Boat Hunley

NDP: "1886"


Nuclear submarine

Board the submarine

Depth gauge

Deck submarine

Boat inside

Scheme lowering and lifting the boat

Premises boats


Jung goes into another compartment

Residential compartment

Central post Boats


NDP: "Hydro-acoustic section, studying the propagation of sound waves in real aquatic environment (oceans, seas, lakes, etc.) for the purpose of underwater location, communication"


The boy has a bell

Calendar: 2008

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