Soviet Ural Mountains 1982 № 31

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Operators: M. Novikov, V. Gorshkov, A. Tregubov, S. Avdeev

Text writers: V. Savchuk

Reel №1

"Food Program - work nationwide" Landscape with the river.

Landscape with a herd of cows.

Shepherd on horseback.

A herd of cows on the river, drink.

The label "Summer Camp."

Herd of cows in a feedlot farm "Khokhlovskiy."

Milkmaid with cows.

Flowing with milk on a transparent tube.

PNRM. standing hay on the field until harvester working in a field.

Combiner in the cockpit behind the wheel.

Mechanism works combine.

Building a house with a crane.

Build a house in the village.

Street of new houses of the village.

Inside the house - kitchen, hallway, bathroom with TV.

New houses of the village standing in a row.

Streets of Chelyabinsk: transport, pedestrians, school children in the school.

Children together on a bike ride.

The children gather trash.

Hanging loop of collected waste paper.

The bags are loaded into the truck.

Students at park avenue bear long piece of iron.

Collecting scrap metal, children take off a piece of iron in a heap.

Presentation of awards to the winners (pioneers).

Trucks with full bodies scrap drive past pioneers.

Shop metallurgical plant, melted metal, a group of pioneers oversees the process.

Metal is poured into the ladle.

Presentation of awards.

Happy faces in helmets.

Tractor pasted on glass paper with the words "Day of thrift."

Work on the conveyor Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

Tractor crane transferred over others collected tractors

Artist Peter Semenov with brushes in hand is worth looking at the picture.

PNRM. Workshop on Semenov, national artist of Udmurtia.

Pyotr Semyonov at work with palette in hand.

The exhibition, a group of visitors looking picture.

Pyotr Semyonov tells something about his paintings.

The paintings on the wall.

A group of visitors.

Picture: Portrait of a Woman.

Peter Semenov in his paintings at a personal exhibition.

Painting: Portrait of an old man.

A group of visitors.

Stills from the feature film "Demidov": Peter I talks about the future city on the Neva (actors Alexander Lazarev and Eugene Yevstigneev), is under construction.

On set, the director Jaropolk Lapshin talks with the actors and Lazarev Evstigneev.

Makeup work with actors.

Behind the camera operator picture.

Large - actor Leonid Kuravlev in makeup.

During the break, shooting soldiers advanced communicate with the actors in the form of soldiers era of Peter the Great.

Working time of the shooting: the dialogue of Peter and Demidov (Alexander Lazarev and E. Yevstigneev).

The operator of the camera.

Large - a person of Peter (actor Alexander Lazarev).

The crew leaves the gate.

The operator of the camera.

Demidov (actor E. Yevstigneev) looks after.


Alexander Lazarev - People's Artist of the RSFSR.
Eugene Yevstigneev - People's Artist of the USSR.
Jaropolk Lapshin - filmmaker.
Leonid Kuravlev - People's Artist of the RSFSR.


Perm Krai

Agriculture; Construction; Russian cities and regions; Artists; Movie