Prophet. Academician Vernadsky life episodes. (Part Two) (2008)

Film №36674, 1 film, duration: 0:31:12
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Screenwriters:V. Karasev
Camera operators:Griberman V. Zaitsev
Anouncers:Belyaev Y. Borzunova A.


Movie №1 Prophet. Academician Vernadsky life episodes. (Part Two)

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Birdie on the banks of the swirling water

On the background of forest portrait of Vernadsky, departure (computer graphics)


Settles under the influence of the explosion, the house

Nuclear explosion


Nuclear explosion

Trees bend under the nuclear wave

Nuclear explosion

Clouds over the Earth (view from plane)

Earth (view from space)

On the background of the Earth:

"We are entering into the noosphere ..." VI Vernadsky

Newsreel 10-ies.:

The train runs along the apron, apron greeters

People on the platform between trains (the view from the train)

Cost w / d structure (view from a passing train)

Moving train


White Guard officers

PNRM. right with foliage on the Tauride Palace

VV Lavrov, Minister of Education and Science of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

PNRM. bottom-up grass on a tree trunk

Korolenko, Hitting

Sea view from the mountain

Waterfront sea with mountains, PNRM. to the left

Houses and people on the waterfront, PNRM. to the right

Flying the flag of Great Britain

English sailor blows his horn

PNRM. on the seaside town

Vernadsky, his wife and daughter, hitting his wife

University building Tauride

On the background of the Tauride University portrait Gelwig

Sign on the building of the University of the Tauride

Vernadsky and his wife and daughter, leaving

Group colleagues Vernadsky, Hitting

Going ship

Vernadsky surrounded by loved ones

On the pier, past the ship and the crowds are a column of soldiers, PNRM. to the right

Military ships, at the bottom of the pier crowd, PNRM. to the left

Portrait of George Vernadsky

Military on the ship, the crowd on the pier, PNRM. to the left

On the streets of the city held a column of Red Army

PNRM. the night sky

Thrown into the trench killed

The streets by crowds of people pass cavalrymen

PNRM. by a crowd of people on the square

Text of the order

Portrait of Vernadsky, Hitting

Text (computer graphics)

A soldier pulls the reins horse (seen from behind)

There is a column Whites ahead three officers

The streets passing military convoy

Before the closed coffins are people

VP Volkov, a historian of science

White officer on horseback

Down the line is a group of soldiers Kaiser officers

Standing military

German soldiers on a background portrait of Vernadsky, Hitting


A column of Ukrainian soldiers

German officers on the background portrait of Vernadsky, PNRM. right (computer graphics)

On the background of foliage portrait Vernadsky (computer graphics)

Sea waves washed stone

Teachers in the classroom, PNRM. downwards

The Red Army

On the background of teachers portrait Vernadsky, Hitting (computer graphics)

People on the w / d platforms, PNRM. to the left

Semashko on the platform with a group of people

Locomotive wheels in motion

Sees pairs of tubes

Houses from the window of a moving train

Village from the window of a moving train

Drove a locomotive

The crowd goes on the apron between / Railway

PNRM. left over the bridge across the Neva

Building with columns on the Neva River

Group of professors in the office

Students in the audience

Vernadsky and other professors at the table

Two men at the table

A man in a mosquito net

In the hands of stone

People with horses go through a burned forest

Military climb into the truck and drive off

A group of military stands near buildings, search soldier

People go accompanied by soldiers

Building with columns, impact

Reflection of buildings in the

PNRM. right on the faces of the Red Army

PNRM. left with the office window

Rustle in the pages of books, PNRM. down

Hand turns the key in the lock

Opens the door to the chamber

PNRM. with a ceiling on the barred window


Hand on the page archive Cases

Man wrote at the table

Portrait Vernadsky departure

The man behind the desk

Group man at a table in the office



On the background of the prison doors portrait Vernadsky, Hitting

People on the streets of St.


Office building



EA Shashukov museum director Radium Institute.

VGKhlopin St.-Petersburg

A group of scientists on the building background

The title page of the book

The title page of the book

Vernadsky with a man near the tent

Two people sitting in the cart

A group of men sitting in a cart

A group of scientists

A man near the instrument

A group of scientists in the field of ore

Factory building


Working in the shop near the car

EA Shashukov museum director Radium Institute.

VG Khlopina - St.-Petersburg

Scientists at the meeting

Vernadsky with the magazine in their hands, hitting

VP Volkov, a historian of science

M. Sorokin historian of science

Bridge over the Seine, PNRM. to the right

PNRM. in Paris

Portrait Rosenthal

PNRM. bottom-up on the monument

Sculptural group, leaving

Flowers on a branch

M.Tsvetaeva with son - photo

Sculpture of a man

Building of the Sorbonne, PNRM. to the right

Building of the Institute Curie, PNRM. upward

Newsreel: Marie Curie in the laboratory

Two women

M. Curie laboratory

Husband and wife Curie departure

Marie Curie on the balcony


Vernadsky sits on a rock

Map background Vernadsky (computer graphics)

M. Sorokin historian of science

The view from the windows of the building, PNRM. upward

The clock on the building

Newsreel 1925:

On the streets of Paris passing cars

The theater building the Grand Opera in Paris

Fishermen on the River Seine

Sculptures on building on the background of Paris


People on the podium

VP Volkov, a historian of science

Vernadsky and his colleagues on the nature, impact


Drive past the building



Portrait Vernadsky departure

Vernadsky and his children (computer graphics)

Portrait Vernadsky

Group of people on the bridge over the river

A crowd of people

Teacher and student at blackboard

People in the shopping arcade

People in the bazaar, in the foreground gramophone


Isaac's Cathedral and monument to Peter I

People walk past shop windows

View of the frozen Neva left granite lion

On the background of St.

Isaac's Cathedral is a military brass band, followed by the demonstrators go

GB Professor Naumov RANS

Earth on a background of clouds and the sky (computer graphics)

People in the hall

PNRM. the fence on the building of the Institute

PNRM. the building of the Institute

Portrait of Vernadsky in the office

Typewriter and microscope on the table

Microscope on the desk

Scientist in laboratory

A group of scientists in the laboratory

Molotov, Stalin, Kalinin et al

Molotov, Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov and others

M. Sorokin, a historian of science

Log in sanatorium "Bottleneck", hitting the plate

Vernadsky background portrait hall, PNRM. (Computer graphics)

Portrait Vernadsky

Portrait of Stalin

Wheel rotates the device

Bulbs device

People in the laboratory

Scientist during the experiment

Chemical reaction (under the microscope)

Portrait of Stalin (eyes)

VP Volkov, a historian of science, impact


Runaway rails

Portrait Vernadsky

Rotate figures on the box

Travel between columns

Policeman on a city street behind him tram rides

The clock on the town hall in Prague, PNRM. up

Vernadsky with her daughter and granddaughter, PNRM. bottom-up, hitting

Moving figurines hours at Town Hall

The building of the Moscow Conservatory, tram rides

People on the podium

Those men in the hall

People in the hall

People in the Great Hall of the Conservatory

Portrait Vernadsky

People in the Great Hall of the Conservatory

Man in headphones

People in the hall

Two men on the podium

Men with headphones in room

Passage through the alley to the building of the Academy of Sciences, Hitting

Portrait Fokine, Hitting

In the hallway of the Academy

Portrait of a Man

Grand staircase at the Academy

Bust of a man in a corner

Men's head in bronze

Row of seats along the wall, PNRM. up the wall

Desktop clock in front of the mirror, hitting


Fokine-Kulidzhanova relative Vernadsky, Hitting

Portrait of Prince Shakhovsky

Prince Shakhovskoy, Hitting

In the hands of an open book

MM Starostenkova daughter Dmitri Ivanovich Shakhovsky

Portrait of Prince Shakhovsky



Vernadsky, PNRM. on Wyszynski


Title page of the brochure, the departure

Desk in office

Portrait of Vernadsky, Hitting

PNRM. upwardly through the tree trunk

Flying over mountains

GB Professor Naumov RANS

Lake among the mountains

Fry in water

Tree trunk in water


The book is a portrait of Vernadsky, Hitting

Portrait Vernadsky

Building with columns between the trees

A group of scientists, PNRM. to the right

Lomonosov Institute building

VP Volkov, a historian of science

Go through the alley, two men (seen from behind)

Vernadsky and Fersman departure

Go through the alley, two men (seen from behind)

Alley, PNRM. Lake

Newsreel, 1941-1945.:

Loudspeakers on the building wall

A crowd of people

Loudspeakers on a column

Women Faces

Persons Uzbeks

Male faces

Man holding a boy


Apron w / Station

Passes along the platform w / d composition with people

PNRM. left with the remaining forests of the building steps

Emin Tursunbayeva keeper Museum VI Vernadsky Borovoe, Kazakhstan

Portrait of Eminem, Hitting


Camping behind the bushes

House behind the fence

A team of scientists at the table

Log in sanatorium "Borovoe"

PNRM. left in the forest

Vernadsky, Hitting

PNRM. trees against the sky

PNRM. Down with Vernadsky dead wife

Tursunbayeva the cemetery, Hitting


Emin Tursunbayeva keeper Museum VI Vernadsky Borovoe Kazakhstan

Portrait of daughter Vernadsky

Natalia Egorovna with daughter

Vernadsky and his daughter, etc.

Natalia Yegorovna Vladimir Ivanovich

Vernadsky among family

View from the room to the window

Portrait Vernadsky

Monument at the grave

On forest background Vernadsky (computer graphics)

PNRM. on the lake ("fisheye")

Family Vernadsky (computer graphics)

On the background of a rocking chair in the room

Desktop in the office, hitting

Desktop background French magazine

GB Professor Naumov RANS

Portrait of Vernadsky, Hitting

Rainbow over mountains

Leaves of plants in the rain


Steady stream of water

River between cliffs

Sunbeam through the branches of a tree


Two birds flying low over the sands

PNRM. from the sky to the grave

Tombstone Vernadsky, PNRM. upwards.

Calendar: 2008

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