Soviet Ural Mountains 1982 № 37

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I.Mihajlova

Script writers: Yu.Kokoshko

Operators: V. Monastirskij, A.Batrak, V.Litvishko, A.Tregubov, A.Dackevich


1. Seversky Pipe Plant. 2. Managed gantry crane in Kambarovskom river port. 3. Dynasty foresters Artemyev Lespromkhozes Kurgan region. 4. Horses in the collective farm. University of Kurgan region. 5. Club Uralmash tourists traveling along the river Chusovoi.

Reel №1

1. Seversky Tube Works, open-hearth shop.

Melting steel pipe production.

Work with trolley.

Steelworkers Brigade, Brigadier VK Barvinsky.

Steelmakers throw ore in the furnace.

Blast furnace, fire, hot pipe.

Portraits of steelworkers in the shop.

The molten steel is poured into a vat.

Finished units pipes go on the platform. 2. Udmurtia, Kambarka river port, tower cranes.

Crane carries the load.

Design engineers VA Criminals and VA Cutin.

Debugging gantry crane without the crane.

Empty cubicle managed crane.

The automatic control system.

Designers are on the site of the crane.

The wheels of the crane.

Crane moves bulk cargo.

Engineers communicate next to the crane. 3. Zauralsky forest.

Foresters ride through the woods in the cart.

Goes planting forests.

Seedlings of coniferous trees.

Woodman Prosvet of pilot lespromhoza V.A.Artemev.

Artemyev driving a tractor.

With son Sergei Artemiev walk through the woods, consider planting conifers.

Go through the forest.

On the track rides a truck with timber (top view). 1. Plot of the horses in the Russian village.

The collective farm named after Lomonosov Kurgan region.

A herd of cows, herdsmen on horseback.

Farmers harvested hay.

Carts pulled by horses.

Horse pulling a plow, a farmer plows.

Rural stable.

Horses harnessed to a cart.

Zootechnician LA Kukarin communicates with teenagers riding.

Horses galloping in a circle.

Boys bathe horse in a river.

Riders gallop along the river bank.

Children around the campfire, a horse by the fence on a leash.

Horses in a meadow. 5 Brae Chusovoi.

Forest, river, rocks.

Tourists going up and down the slopes.

Tourist Club plant "Uralmash".


Tourists around the campfire.

Tourist cuts mushrooms.

Kayaks on the beach.

Tourists in canoe floating on the river.


A tourist takes pictures of the kayak.

Paddle rakes water.

Water surface, the reflection of the sun, the trees.

Kayaks on the river.


VK Barvinsky VA Criminals VA Cutin V.A.Artemev LA Kukarin


Polevskoi Udmurtia Kurgan region River Chusovaia

Industry; Geography and Nature; Agriculture; Flora and fauna; Life and leisure