Chronicle of the First World War (1914-1918)

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Scene №1 Chronicle of the First World War

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Spotlight shines ship.

Explosion at sea.


Tank crushes buildings.

Soldiers in the trenches.

Salvo of artillery.

Barbed wire.

Salvo of artillery.

Russian soldiers go on the offensive.

Soldiers run out of the trenches.

Salvo of artillery.

Russian soldiers crawling on their bellies.

The soldiers are in a bayonet attack.

Salvos of artillery.

Cavalry attack of the Russian troops.

Russian soldiers are on the field.

Salvo of artillery.

Battlefield explosions.

Salvo of artillery.

Gunners load a gun and shoot.


Soldiers in the trenches

The soldiers are wounded on stretchers.

Soldiers load a gun.

Column of smoke from the explosion.


Biplane flies.

View from the biplane.

Biplane in the sky.

View of the sea port.

German airplane "Fokker" flies.

French Farman biplane.

View of the earth from Farman biplane.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Biplane in the sky.

Gunners watching the sky from the ground.

View from the biplane.

Projectile drop from the sky.

Biplane swoops down.

German airship «L-17" ("Saxony") in the sky.

Gunners give a volley.

The burning wreckage of an airplane on the ground.

Volley with gun warship.

Sailors load a gun.

Explosion at sea.

Volleys with guns warships.

Warship on the horizon.

Sailors load a gun.

Volley warship.

Launch torpedoes.

The guns from the ship.

Sinking ship.

Sailors load a gun.

Volley with naval guns.

Ship with the flag of the United States goes under water.

Sea view from the ship.

Naval guns.

Battlefield, barbed wire.

Killed in the trenches.

Soldiers walk past corpses.

The ruins of cities.

Go past the ruins of people traveling cars.

Woman sitting on the ruins.

Column prisoners.

Russian soldiers carry the wounded to the train.

Russian soldiers helped the wounded go.

Hospital train of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna.

Wounded and nurse.

Russian soldiers are wounded in their arms.

Wounded are entered in the hospital train.

Wounded and nurse.

Refugees on carts on city streets.

Refugees in carts on a country road.

Soldiers burn the cornfields.


Nicholas II and General Alekseev in the Supreme Command.

General Alexeyev talks with General Yanushkevich.

General Yudenich behind a desk.

Admiral Kolchak.

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich.

Column captured on the street.

Women working in a munitions factory.

Queues for food.

Citizens listen to the news from the front.

Relatives of a wounded at the hospital.

Military cemetery.


Nicolas II -- Russian emperor M. Alekseev -- warlord N. Yanushkevich -- warlord Nikolaj Nikolaevich -- member of the Russian imperial family, uncle of Nicholas II N. Yudenich -- warlord A. Kolchak -- admiral

Calendar: 1914-1918

Locations: Russia, Britain, France, Germany

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