Enisei River's Meridian 1983 № 7

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Vasiljeva T.

Operators: Galaganov V., Lavrentjev S., Pogorelov S., Shermergor E.

Text writers: Gurtovoj M.


A selection of stories about industrial and economic achievements of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Reel №1

1. The Northern Sea Route, Arctic ice.

The icebreaker "Kapitan Sorokin" on the route Murmansk - Dudinka.

View of the icebreaker from the cockpit following it freighter.

The cargo on deck.

The crew in the cockpit.

Mechanic in the engine room.

Signalman transmits a telegram.

Man sewing on a typewriter.

Man types.

Man draws.


Polar explorers meet the ship.

Sailors dumped snow from the deck.

Launching the cargo on board the ship on a rope.

People at the bottom of the load hook.

Sailor rope unwinds, waved after the departing icebreaker.

The strip of open water in the ice, the ship on the horizon.

2. Tractor rides through the blooming garden.

Experts examine trees.

Chief Agronomist Shushenskogo state farm A.M.Kulikov. A.M.Kulikov inspects landing.

In the village street is a herd of cows.

At the fence stands a woman.

Cows in a pen.

Milkmaids speak at the corral.

The cows come to the stable.

A team led A.G.Zhukovoy milkmaids at the daily milking.

Milk poured into cans.

Women remove bathrobes. E.M.Serednina. V.K.Belyatskaya.

There is a meeting of members of the farm. E.M.Serednina and V.K.Belyatskaya, leaders of manufacture.

3. The Krasnoyarsk plant of heavy excavators.

Excavators digging the ground.

There are works on construction of the plant.

Working in the shop assembly of excavators.

Used industrial air conditioner on the truck.

Transportation of the air conditioner.

Brigadier G.K.Shtirban.

Air rises to the top.

Work gives signals.

Setting the air conditioner.

4. View of the Yenisei.

On the shore is a man with a bicycle in the water are fishermen.

View of the bridge over the river.

Dissolve: Communal bridge, heavy traffic urban transport.

Traffic on the bridge.

A team of builders G.D.Solomatova.

Under construction the new bridge over the Yenisei.

Meeting of workers.

Integrated Brigade A.I.Mudretsova builds support for the bridge.

An older worker.

Brigadier gives signals.

Brigade G.S.Solomatova installation work is over.

Welder working at night.

Moving cargo.

View of the bridge under construction at night.

Supports bridge and cranes.

Luggage goes under the bridge under construction.


Taiga on the slopes of the Sayan Mountains.

Siberian red deer herd.

Shepherd leading the horse by the reins.

The rider among the deer.

People flock sorted.

Reindeer antlers inspect taken.


Arctic Siberia Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Territory

Industry; Sea and river transport; Agriculture; Construction