Station "Mir" (1991)

Documentary №36906, 7 parts, duration: 0:52:26
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kalinin V.


The film tells the story of 7,8,9 expeditions orbital complex "Mir" and experiments performed by astronauts on board.

Reel №1 Station "Mir"

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The station "Mir" in flight.

The cosmonauts G M Manakov and G. M. Strekalov climb into a spaceship at the Baikonur cosmodrome in August 1990, before the beginning of the 7 expedition.

Interior view of the Mir space station, the astronauts on the treadmill and while working aboard the station.

Devices and equipment for works of various experiments.

Astronauts conduct experiments in microgravity, experience with eggs laid by quail in space.

View of the hall of the mission control Center (MCC), MCC employees at work and discuss solutions to technical problems.

MCC staff keeping in touch with the station crew.

The expedition 8 crew conducts training to replace the hatch station in the pool.

The view of the building, NPO Energia, the Association for work on the development of a new spacecraft.

Create a computer drawing of ballistic capsule, drawings of various circuits of the capsule.

A scheme of the station "Mir" recoverable ballistic capsule (animation).

The staff of NPO Energia during Assembly of the capsule, the faces of the staff, details capsules.

Aircraft testing of the capsule, the capsule descent on a parachute from the plane.

Diagram brake cargo spacecraft and the descent of the capsule to the Earth (animation), separated in space capsule on the monitor screen in the control center.

The first return capsule after landing in January 1990, the opening of the capsule.

Transporting the capsule from the landing site means at hand.

Inspection and analysis of the work of onboard equipment of the mechanisms of capsules, opening of the cargo container of the capsule, extraction of the cargo.

The layout of the station "Mir".

Japanese journalist-cosmonaut examines the design, listens to an explanation about the structure of the station.

Japanese astronaut during training for ditching.

Reel №2

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The expedition 8 crew of station "Mir" consisting of Afanasyev V. M., and M. H. Manarov undergoing pre-flight training, astronauts face during the inspection of ballistic capsule.

The astronauts during training for the repair of the exit hatch of the station engineers explain the procedure during the repair.

Members of the State Commission and the crew of the station gather for a meeting.

Are the members of the Commission, astronauts answer the questions of the journalists.

Speaks Japanese crew member, Toshiro Akiyama.

Face Makarova, Afanasyev and girls-doubler of the Japanese cosmonaut, Ryoko Kikuchi.

Kikuchi during training.

Astronauts wear space suits, check suits.

Akiyama's suit, the Japanese body and photographers are shooting.

Members of the State Commission and the Japanese representatives during the wire crew.

The crew chief gave a report to the Chairman of the State Commission.

The spacecraft at launch.

Astronauts go to the ship, climb the stairs to the Elevator.

The Elevator up.

The start of the comic ship.

Astronauts on Board the space station "Mir".

View the Earth from portholes.

Japanese astronaut during the different experiments, the Soviet cosmonauts to help him.

Japanese TV crews followed the descent camera, reporting from the landing site.

Journalists in the Studio applauded.

Astronauts are chosen from the landed lander, leave their signatures on Board.

Face Japanese astronaut returned to Earth the crew in the cabin.

The station "Mir" in flight.

Engineers are discussing the question of repair of the exit hatch of the station, the faces of the engineers.

View of the hall of the mission control Center.

Astronauts in space during the repair bracket of the exit hatch of the station, the faces of the engineers and staff of MCC.

The views of Earth from space.

M. Manarov aboard the station connects shortwave radios.

The Assembly of new modules for the station "Mir" in NPO "Energy".

Types of Spektr module during factory Assembly.

The substitution scheme of work modules at the station (animation).

Reel №3

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Strength test new modules of station "Mir" on a special stand.

Applications of CFRP in the manufacture of cargo boom on the station.

The process of assembling cargo boom on the plant, individual parts of the boom.

Test unit rotation arrows in the factory.

Test arrows in microgravity on the stand with air cushion.

Underwater training of astronauts for the installation of cargo boom, the faces of the testers.

The experimental setup of the boom to the hull (animation), the engineers keep in touch with the astronauts.

Work cargo boom station in space, engineers in the MCC discussing the replacement station modules.

General view of the station "Mir" cargo boom" in space.

British astronauts preparing for flight on station "the World" as part of the international crew, the passage of cosmonauts training.

Austrian astronauts skydive during preflight training.

Photo station "Salyut-7".

Soviet experts answer questions from reporters about the decay and eventual fall of the station "Salyut-7".

Newspaper reports about the fall of unburnt residues of the station.

View of a section of the Earth from space.

Manar M. conducts another experiment on Board the space station "Mir".

Manarov unloads the shipment received from the ground.

View of the station in space.

Astronaut spacewalks, installing parts optical channel.

Once a cargo ship passes by the docking station, the staff of the MCC for remote controls, cargo ship docked with the station.

Engineers are discussing options for repairing a broken antenna.

Experienced replacement the design of the antenna in the factory.

9 members of the expedition discuss the upcoming flight.

Assembling an experienced construction farm to create plants in space conditions, types of experimental farm.

The experimental setup of the farm to the station "Mir" (animation).

Reel №4

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Astronaut in a spacesuit during training.

Training of astronauts on installation of a farm, the build process of the farm, the engineers carried out the measurement.

The expedition 8 crew is preparing to send to Earth a ballistic capsule, Manarov viewing technical documentation.

The station "Mir" in flight.

The pilots in the cockpit of a helicopter while searching for the capsule, a view of the area from a helicopter.

The raising of the flags 9 international space expedition.

The astronauts undergo final medical tests.

The goods intended for delivery to the station.

English astronauts in training, astronauts face.

The conclusion of the spacecraft on the launch on 16 may 1991, the cameramen are shooting.

A member of the State Commission answering questions of journalists, the rise of the spacecraft.

Members of the international Soviet-British crew Arcebarsky A., S. Krikalev, Sharman H. go to the bus, the commander gives a report to the Chairman of the State Commission.

Astronauts Board the bus.

The spacecraft before launch.

Seeing the crew out into space, reporters are photos and telephoto.

The astronauts climb the stairs to the Elevator.

British flag on Board the spacecraft, the launch of the spacecraft.

The station "Mir" in orbit.

MCC staff in charge of the flight and docking of ships.

The process of docking manually, type the faulty antenna.

MCC staff after successfully completing a manual docking.

Female astronaut, Sharman H. goes to the station, Soviet cosmonauts meet her.

Crews 8 and 9 expeditions aboard the station.

Sharman in an evening dress in microgravity.

Krikalev in the tie next to Sharman discloses a package of space food.

The astronauts aboard the station during scientific experiments.

Sharman aboard the station in weightlessness conditions.

Types halls of the MCC.

Astronauts say goodbye to each other a day the return to Earth of the next crew.

MCC staff in the main hall, landing the lander.

Cosmonauts A. Leonov and V. Tereshkova in the hall of the MCC.

The staff of NPO Energia to discuss the end of the flight.

Cosmonauts after landing, Sharman is interviewed.

Helicopters at the landing site.

The station "Mir" in orbit, MCC staff for discussion of the problem of installing a new directional antenna.

Start cargo spacecraft.

Reel №5

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The station "Mir" docked in orbit with her space ship.

The engineers of NPO "Energy" at work, installation diagram of the new design of the station (animation), engineers solve another technical problem, a crew member working in space.

The scheme of installation of new design (animation).

The station "Mir" in orbit.

Undocking of the cargo ship from the station.

Experiment to create inflatable structures in space, bursts the plastic shell of the ball.

Soviet-Austrian crew passes pre-flight preparation.

Faces of cosmonauts T. Aubakirov and the Austrian Fibeka F.

Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev aboard the station.

Holiday at Baikonur, the musician plays a Kazakh national musical instrument.

Nazarbayev N.. among the guests, the faces of the participants.

Panorama holiday at Baikonur.

The expedition 9 crew is on the bus, the commander gives a report to the Chairman of the State Commission.

Interior view of the command post launch.

Nazarbayev with the guests watching from the stands for the start of the spacecraft, the launch of the spacecraft.

Meeting of the Austrian and Soviet cosmonauts on the station "Mir".

The astronauts aboard the station during scientific experiments, Fibek conducts medical research.

View of Earth from space.

Meeting astronauts after landing, Fibeka are under the arms, the faces of astronauts, the retrieval of cargo from the lander.

The station "Mir" in orbit, view the Earth from space.

Reel №7

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