Long live the adventure (1990)

Documentary №36915, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:06
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Iljichev
Other authors:A. Gorchukov, I. Kemarskaya, O. Hrustaleva, T. Razumova, V. Baranochnikov


The heroes of the film are young guys from our country, the USA, Norway gathered together for winter holidays to travel through the Siberian hinterland, get to know each other better, and themselves.

Reel №1 Long live the adventure

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Representatives of foreign students at the train station, on the plane ramp, in the bus cabin.

Young people who arrived from the USA and Canada, in the cabin of the bus.

View of the Biysk highway through the front window of the bus.

Drawing the route of an international expedition through the Siberian hinterland on the map, underlining the names of the main settlements.

Participants of the international children's and youth expedition before departure during the farewell ceremony.

The faces of the children participating in the expedition.

Operators are videotaping.

Participants of the expedition with the flags of the USSR and the USA.

The participants of the expedition move around the city on skis and on foot.

Norwegian members of the expedition are passing by.

The passage of the route on skis, a reindeer sleigh passes.

Winter Siberian landscape.

Meeting of the expedition participants in one of the villages.

Faces of local residents.

The members of the expedition respond to the greetings of the locals.

Locals treat the expedition participants with tea.

Foreigners taste bread and salt.

Children look at live deer sent from Salekhard.

American students in a school classroom.

One of the students makes an entry in his diary.

The participants of the expedition ride on a horse-drawn sleigh, the faces of American students.

Troika overtake each other, one of the skiers clings to the sled.

Americans who fell out of the sleigh on the move, rise from the snow.

Panorama of a part of the Siberian village, steaming expedition members are visible through the window of the bathhouse.

Young people run out of the bathhouse and jump into a snowdrift, wallow in the snow.

The expedition members watch a basketball game at a local school.

Fragments of the match, the fans applaud.

Members of the expedition watch outdoor games competitions.

Completion of competitions, awarding of winners, presentation of memorable gifts.

American participants of the competition consider the prizes presented to them-boats.

The expedition's sledge train is moving along the road, Siberian landscape (panorama).

The members of the expedition ride in a sleigh.

The expedition passes through one of the Siberian villages.

Presentation of a loaf of bread to the participants of the expedition.

The expedition members taste the loaf.

Panorama of a rural street.

Locals take guests to their homes.

Calendar: 1990

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The members of the expedition take part in the winter Games at the ski base.

Sledding, towed by a snowmobile.

A snowball fight.

The elephant game.

American students ride in a snowmobile-towed sleigh.

Playing football in the snow, a man taking pictures of football players.

The participants of the expedition are photographed with local schoolchildren.

Snow statues of Santa Claus and bear.

The members of the expedition take part in the New Year's holiday.

Young people pronounce their New Year wishes in different languages (synchronously).

Members of the expedition and local residents lead a round dance and dance on the street.

Siberian landscape (panorama), an expedition before going on a further route.

The faces of the expedition participants, wrapped in scarves.

Young people drink hot tea from paper cups.

Preparation of skis before the next crossing.

The operator shoots deer on a video camera.

Types of winter forest, snow on tree branches.

Members of the expedition dance on stage with young artists of the local children's dance ensemble during the farewell party.

The audience in the hall applauds.

Free dancing on stage.

Flags of the USSR and the USA at the House of Culture in the village of Maysky.

Mobile radio station based on the GAZ-66 car.

Members of the expedition load things into the back of a truck before leaving for Novosibirsk.

The participants of the expedition and local residents with schoolchildren gather for a general picture.

Buses with members of the expedition are sent to Novosibirsk.

Members of the expedition in the cabin of the bus.

The emblem of the expedition.

Young people at a table in a cafe.

Two foreigners on the background of Red Square.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Siberia [926] Novosibirsk region [792] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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