Want to know everything № 121 (1978)

Newsreel №37307, 1 part, duration: 0:09:24
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Raitburg S.
Production Manager:Schuplyakova V.
Screenwriters:Karpelevich T., Zajceva E., Bagiryan R., Popov I.
Editor:Zlotov V.
Camera operators:Arceulova S., Filimonov P., Ziljberg L., N.Yurushkina
Sound mixer:Romanov A.



1. German chemist R. Bunsen and his achievements 2. Spectral analysis 3. Greek mathematician and engineer Heron, his achievements 4. Symbol of Olympics 80

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


German city of Heidelberg (engravings).

Portrait Of R. Bunsen.

Lit burner.

Substances of different colors in flasks.

The flame of the burner is of different colors.

The flame color is green.

Portrait of the physicist G. Kirkhope.

A glass triangular prism.


Three-sided prism in front of the burner.

The spectrum of hydrogen.

Spectrum of oxygen.

The spectrum of sodium.

A modern instrument for spectral analysis is a spectroscope.


Drawing on a Greek vase.

Portrait Of Heron.

Drawing of the first windmill.

The first device for determining the distance traveled.

Drawing of a water vending machine invented by Heron.

Steam is coming from a pitcher on the fire.

Heron's experience: a hollow ball with tubes is fixed above the water boiler.

The rotating ball is a prototype of a steam turbine.

Ivan Polzunov's Car.

D. watt steam engine.


CHPP hall.

Night street lit by lanterns.


Ruins of an ancient Greek stadium (photos).

Waving the Olympic flag.

Emblem of the Moscow Olympics.

Munich's Olympic souvenir is a Dachshund.

Montreal souvenir-beaver.

Moscow Souvenirs.

Squirrel among the leaves.

The hare chews the grass.


Bear in the circus arena.

Artist V. Chizhikov draws.

Olympic Bear (drawing).

Olympic Bear (toy).


Inventor A.Presnyakov holds a lamp in his hands, when approaching the wheel, it begins to rotate.

The magnet attracts the metal plate.

When heated, the plate ceases to attract.

Rotating turbine wheel.

A model of a trolley that moves when heated by a lamp..

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