Cultivation of vegetables in the open field. (1986)

Documentary №37461, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:50
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Brikker Yu.


The film - a manual for students on vocational education.

Reel №1 Cultivation of vegetables in the open field.

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A spring field with traces of winter plowing.

Tractors carry out a trial plowing of the land.

Application of organic fertilizers to the dried-up earth.

Loading organic fertilizers into special trailers.

Winter plowing of the land.

The plowing depth is measured.

Application of mineral fertilizers to the soil.

Preparation of mineral fertilizers.

After applying mineral fertilizers, the soil is treated with disc harrows and steam cultivators.

Combined tillage unit.

The unit grinds, levels and rolls the soil.

The agronomist checks the quality of soil preparation.

The seeder is loaded with mineral fertilizers and calibrated seeds.

Planting carrots.

The depth of seed planting is checked.

Large - tractor driver.

The soil is rolled up after sowing.

Tillage from pests.

The aisles are processed after the carrot shoots.

The work of a cultivator in the field.

Artificial watering of carrots in dry weather.

Grown-up shoots of carrots.

The work of the cultivator to destroy weeds and preserve moisture in the ground.

A field with ready-made carrots.

Checking the quality and readiness of carrots.

Harvesting carrots.

Root harvesting machine.

The tops are separated from the root crop.

Root crops are collected in the car body.

The tops are collected separately and the np goes to feed the cattle.

Sorting and cleaning point.

Here the carrots are completely peeled from the tops and sorted.

Conveyor belt for transporting carrots.

The operator is sorting carrots.

Carrots are loaded into containers.

Containers are installed on machines by a special loader.

The car with the containers leaves for the consumer.

Key words

winter plowing.
planting carrots.
carrot shoots.
harvesting carrots.
root vegetables.

Calendar: 1986

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Pneumatic seed drill for precise seeding of cabbage seeds.

Seedlings in the greenhouse.

Ready-made cabbage seedlings.

Organic fertilizers are applied in the fields.

A tractor with a cultivator and a tooth harrow prepares the field for planting seedlings.

Processing of the field with pesticides for the destruction of pests.

Processing of the field according to Astrakhan technology.

Watering seedlings in the greenhouse.

Calibration of white cabbage seedlings.

Remove weak plants.

Healthy seedlings are collected in boxes.

Seedling machine.

The workers disassemble the seedlings and put them in the car.

The machine is followed by the riggers, who control the quality of planting and correct the shortcomings of sowing.

Artificial watering of fields with seedlings.

Chemical protection of seedlings from insects and weeds is carried out.

Row-to-row processing of cabbage.

Hoeing of plants and destruction of weeds.

Another treatment of cabbage from weeds.

Top dressing of cabbage.

Watering cabbage.

Ready-to-harvest cabbage.

Determination of the readiness of white cabbage.

Cabbage harvesting by a semi-mounted combine harvester with simultaneous loading into a tractor trailer.

Cabbage heads are captured by drums and transferred to a conveyor for loading.

Cars carry cabbage to the consumer.

The cabbage is sent for revision to the sorting point.

Commercial cabbage is sent for storage, and the waste goes to feed cattle.

Laying cabbage in the vegetable store.

A vegetable store.

Cabbage on the counter.

Key words

combine harvester.
chemical plant protection.
artificial irrigation.
vegetable storage.

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