Documentary №37462, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:55
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Spiglazova N.


The film - a manual for students on vocational education.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Field with salad.

A field with green onions.



Students of a vocational school.

The teacher leads the class.

Greenhouse plant.

Panorama of the city near the greenhouse plant.

Disinfection and flushing of the greenhouse before planting.

The soil is sterilized by steaming.

The soil is loosened and corrugated pipes are laid to a depth of 25-30 cm.

Cover the ground with a film and steam is fed into the pipes.

Steaming is completed when a temperature of plus 70-90 degrees Celsius is reached in the soil at a depth of 30 cm.

After steaming, organic fertilizers are applied.

The soil is disinfected.

The soil is milled.

Students ask questions.

Agrochemical laboratory.

Soil studies are being conducted.

Seeds are being prepared for sowing.

Sowing seeds in pots with seedling mixture.

Watering pots.

Artificial illumination.

Accelerated shooting of the development of a plant from a seed.

The first culling of seedlings is carried out.

Watering seedlings and paths.

Accelerated shooting - real leaves appear.

After that, a second cull is carried out.

After the appearance of the fifth leaf, the seedlings are ready for planting.

The soil surface in the greenhouse is leveled and holes are made.

Before planting, the soil is watered.

Key words

soil sterilization.
organic fertilizers.
plant development.
culling seedlings.

Calendar: 1988



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The tractor is carrying seedlings.

Planting seedlings in a prepared greenhouse.


Students watch an educational film.

Students ask questions to the teacher.

Watering seedlings in the ground.

I tie the plants with twine to a horizontal trellis.

Plants are tied at an angle, V-shaped.

All the time they do twisting around the twine and pinching.

Animation - the growth of a cucumber bush by twine.

At a height of 50 cm, the lateral shoots and flowers are removed from the plant.

At the next 50 cm, they pinch on the side shoots for one fruit.

The next 70cm is pinched into two fruits and two leaves.

The next 30cm is pinched into three fruits and three leaves.

The plant has risen above the trellis, it should be directed along the trellis.

The main stem is tied to a trellis and pinched.

The lateral shoots are directed downwards and pinched every 50 cm.

Lateral shoots are pinched into 1 leaf and one fruit.

Injured leaves and low-quality fruits are collected and exported.

Automatic devices maintain the desired temperature and humidity.

Watering with warm water.

Application of fertilizers.

Shooting under a microscope.

Accelerated shooting of plant growth.

A beehive with bees for pollinating cucumbers.

A bee on a flower.

Plants are checked for diseases and pests.

Spider mite on a cucumber leaf.

Greenhouse whitefly.

Greenhouse aphids.

Tobacco thrips.

Treatment of plants with pesticides.

Biological treatment of plants.

When a spider mite appears in the greenhouse, I release the mite of fiteselius.

Check the sheet for the presence of pests.

Cucumbers appear.





Growing plants on mineral wool.

Aeroponics - the roots of plants are in moist air and periodically watered with a nutrient mixture.

Hayponics is the cultivation of plants on flowing aqueous nutrient solutions.

Large - students in the classroom.

Class is over.

Key words

formation of a bush.
plant pests.
pest control.

Calendar: 1988



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