Soviet Ural Mountains № 10 (1984)

Newsreel №3754, 1 part, duration: 0:09:42


1. Oilers drilled Western Ishim area in the Tyumen region. 2. Portrait of a mechanic Starodumova farm "Rozhevsky" Tyumen region. 3. Kindergarten factory "Izhmash". 4. Home observatory in the village Suksun Perm region. 5. Fine Arts Exhibition of ornamental pigeons in Tyumen.

Reel №1

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1. The plot of "The heat comes from the north."

Tyumen region, winter.

Trailers, suitable for oil rig.

Drilling Western Ishim area.

Works team Petroleum Basil Panasenko.

The drill string mechanisms rig.

Clubs frosty vapor Residential trailers. 2. The plot of "rural Cares."

Tyumen region, vegetable-growing farm "Rozhevsky."

Private home, family feast.

Mechanic Yuri Starodumov family drinks tea.

Winter village views.

Tractor driven feed.

Flock of sheep.

Tractor driven hay.

Starodumov driving a tractor K-700.

Photo Starodumova in naval uniform.

Diplomas and awards Starodumova tractor driver.

Prize named "fiery tractor driver" Peter Dyakova.

Tractor rides to the barn.

Starodumov receives paper from the chairman.

Tractor working in a snowy field.

Rural landscape. 3. The plot of "Two to five."

Izhevsk factory shop "Izhmash".

Cars Iz on assembly lines.

Winter, kindergarten building.

Children of factory workers in the courtyard garden doing exercises with the teacher.

Children on sports equipment.

Children in the pool.

Children running around in the woods on skis.

Children rehearse pageant.

Girl with a doll.

Children at the doctor.

Children in the garden is irradiated with ultraviolet light.

Children in protective glasses.

Kids eat. 4. The plot of "After all, if the stars are lit ...".

Winter village Suksun Perm region.

Schoolboy Andrew Bogatirev goes down the path with the dog.

Home Observatory courtyard farmhouse.

Householder Gregory F. heroes - builder Observatory.

Bogatirev with his son looking through a telescope.

Photos of Gregory Bogatyreva with radio equipment.

Pine repeater mast above the village.

Bogatirev workshop solder electronic circuitry.

Winter rural landscape.

Night, moon.

Father and son Bogatyreva observatory with a telescope. 5. Plot "has released a bird."

Tyumen, zonal exhibition pigeons.

Pigeons decorative rocks in the cells.

White doves.

French curly dove.

Children in cells with pigeons.

Pigeons Jacobine.

Lviv forty.

Pigeons Peacock.


Awards pigeons.

The host receives the award.

Doves fly over the release dovecote.


V.Panasenko Yu.Starodumov G.F.Bogatyrev

Locations: Tyumen region [809] Izhevsk [890] Perm region Tyumen [888]

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