Soviet Ural Mountains 1984 № 22

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: A. Krugovih, V. Gorshkov, R. Lyaginskov, V. Litvishko

Text writers: A. Gramolin

Reel №1

Scene 1 "Motherland - work young."

Moving passenger train.

It is a group to meet with the banner "Welcome to Tyumen ground!".

From the train leaves the young people in the form of student construction team.

Before the formation of students their commander handed bread and salt.

At the rally, the speakers at the microphone, portrait plans students.

Dancing in the street under the accordion and drum.

Train hits the road.

From the windows and doors of the train waving their hands.

The inscription on the wagon "Motherland Party - shock work young!" Young people are in the building trade school in Birch.

On the wall a sign "TU-47. School of high culture."

On the display screen printed letters of the phrase "47 TU welcomes moviegoers newsreel" Soviet Ural ".

Girls working at the computer.

Fingers on the keys electronic typewriter "Consul".

Class schools, on the walls pictures, drawings, formulas.

Students at their desks.

On the walls of the school stands and equipment (including automatic) for study.

School Assembly Hall filled with students.

Awarding of honorary banner of the Komsomol.

Premium leaf icon and Lenin Komsomol Prize.

Portrait of Lenin on the building of the school.

Empty corridor vocational school № 6 of Pervouralsk.

Students at their desks.

Teen College Students at the blackboard for lathes, competition for the best in their field.

The Commission estimates made items.

Awarding of the winners, congratulations and applause.

Topic 2 "Goes reform school."

In front of the school children, the girls jump over the rope.

Students in the hallway during recess.

Students in class at their desks, a teacher at the blackboard.

The girls in the classroom taught to sew on a sewing machine.

At one large table sit the students in white coats are trained electrician profession of telephone equipment.

Students on school excursions to the telephone equipment factory.

Communication with employees of the plant.

Students work on the assembly of the apparatus in a training workshop of school: soldering, assembly of electronic circuits.

Headphones on the table, as samples of finished products.

Bast shoes - large, samovar and other artifacts of the school museum.

Stands with museum exhibits.

Students with their supervisor learn everyday objects.

Old books, medals, models, drawings, and other exhibits of the museum.

Topic 3 "Sport".

Training in the hall in sports acrobatics.

Story gymnasts in the hall in front of the teacher.

Coaching girls in the hall on the carpet near the wall.

Bundles tumbling on the mat.

Classes gymnasts in the hall at the barre, stretching exercises.

Speech competitions teams of three acrobats.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Speech on the other team competitions of three acrobats.

The girls go through the alleys of the park

Museums and exhibitions; Activities of the Komsomol; Professions; Sport; Youth