Enisei River's Meridian 1985 № 9 Carrying Food Programme

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The special issue covers the implementation of the food program in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the positive and negative results of the collective and state farms, the successful introduction of new working methods and problems of mismanagement.

Reel №1

The emblem of the All-Union Scientific-practical conference.

People talk in the helicopter.

Says head of the department of Krasnoyarsk Institute of Agriculture N.M.Antonov.

The passengers of the helicopter at the windows.

Floating complex for processing feed near the shore.

Scientists confer on the beach. N.M.Antonov talks about the benefits of using floating processing plant under the conditions of the Arctic.

Alternation: experts confer in the field, is cleaning forage crops.

The truck carries the food on board the floating complex.

Feed processing.

Work looking at the readings and leaves.

Tells N.M.Antonov.

The turbine complex.

Food in the granules.

Natural landscape.

A pointer to the entrance to the Novoselovo.

Go work on the construction of the irrigation system.

Alternation: backhoe digging earth excavator operator.

Laying concrete slab in the direction of the channel with the help of a crane.

Electric welding works.

The trench laying pipe.

Facilities irrigation station "Rosa-8."

Irrigation system in the field.

People watching the flow of water in the channel.

The shore of the reservoir.

Field crops.

Vegetable-growing farm "Krasnoyarsk", kindergarten, children in cribs.

The driver of a crane worker at the bottom signals.

Lowered concrete slab.

House under construction.

View of the construction site of the window.

The child looks out the window.

Children walking down the stairs; work in the garden.

Workers talk in the field.

Work sprinkler systems.

Tractor A.A.Kurochkin.

Technique work the land.

Tractor A.I.Horuzhev.

Work is talking to a tractor.

Vegetable beds.

Cabbage on the beds.

Collection campers.

People sit in the bus.

The bus goes on the road along the field.

Pupils and students working in the fields.

Girls associated fennel in a bunch.

Greens put in a box.

Employees vegetable bases inspected crop.


People waiting in line for vegetables.

Boxes with tainted greens.

People plucked herbs.

Warehouse в„– 4. From the hallway a woman comes out.

The driver stands next to the truck.

Employees warehouse в„– 3. Driver is in the back, cursing.

The truck pulls away from the base for food, on the road going cars.

Gas station.

The driver fills the truck.

Truck on country road (shooting from the cab of the truck the next).

Information stand.

Experts discuss the problems of mismanagement of the farm.

Truck on country road (shooting from the cab of the truck the next), the rain, run "wipers", goes forward freight.

People charged with boxes in the back.

Processing of the ground.

Cleaning feed.

Feet walking on the garden beds person.

Vegetables on the counter in the store.

Watering vegetables in the field.


Krasnoyarsk Territory


Summer [824]