Soviet Ural Mountains 1985 № 12

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Script writers: V. Zharikov


1. Plot of the Hero of the Soviet Union, war veterans P.V.Zamiralove. 2. The plot of amateur photoshoot Yuri Frolov from Izhevsk. 3. The plot of Biserskom lespromhozome Sverdlovsk region and the problems with the shipment of forest management Gorky Railway.

Reel №1

1. Plot of the Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Vasilyevich Zamiralove.

The central area of ​​Sverdlovsk, a military parade.

Zamiralov on the podium following the military units.

Column of tanks.

Military photos Zamiralova.

Crossing the Dnieper (photo).

Photo Zamiralova.

Winter, Zamiralov goes Sverdlovsk.

Zamiralov stands at the Eternal Flame.

Sverdlovsk Veterans Council.

Veterans to communicate orders at the tables.

Zamiralov talks about preparing for the Victory Parade (synchronously).

Victory Parade on Red Square (photo).

Zamiralov with their grandchildren in the park feeding pigeons. 2. The plot of "Passion".

Winter, Izhevsk.

Snowfall in the forest.

Amateur photoshoot Yu.F.Frolov goes through the woods on skis.

Frolov pictures of moose, birds.

Drifts, trees under snow.

Frolov home at the table.

Photos Frolov in photo albums, journals.

Frolov examines slides types.

Animals in photos Frolov.

Frolov walking in the woods with a camera. 3. The plot of "Warning: bad management."

Bisersky lespromkhoz Sverdlovsk region.

Forester in the car, the views of the forest.

Forestry, sawing trees, felled.

Operates equipment and loggers.

Wood is in stock.

The trunks of the trees move, sawing.

Bars on a conveyor controller.

Administration building timber industry.

Blackboard with the performance.

Deputy Director of the Forestry Administration said Pupyshev (synchronously).

Says the head of the lower storage timber industry Kochergin (synchronously).

Used wood working machines, cranes.

Wood moved, put in the blocks.


P.V.Zamiralov Yu.F.Frolov


Sverdlovsk Izhevsk Sverdlovsk region [803

Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature; Culture and Arts; World War II