Soviet Ural Mountains 1985 № 48 "From the Congress - to the Congress"

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: V. Gorshkov

Text writers: A. Rozin

Reel №1

Tram depot in the dark of night.

Are the trams are women.

Svetlana Alekseeva tram driver inspects his tram the road.

Tram ride through the city.

Monument in Perm after winning the war, the figure of a warrior in full growth with a gun on a high pedestal.

The opening ceremony of the monument: veterans, townspeople, wreaths.

Cannon stands as a monument on a pedestal, a veteran of a number of young tells about the war.

PNRM. Structures on the chemical plant for the production of methanol.

On-air rally of workers of the enterprise over its launch into action.

Poster "The 40th anniversary of the Great Victory - our shock work!" Shop of the chemical plant.

Tanks on the railroad.

General view of the construction of the Perm GRES operate bulldozers, excavators and trucks.

An engineer looks at the theodolite.

The designs of the future plant (removing the lens "fisheye") turbine hall, there is an installation of the equipment.

On the road going truck on background of future Perm GRES. Standing in a row tower of high-voltage power lines.

In action robotic machines.

Lab to create robotics.

Women work for computer monitors.

Engineers at work.

River port in Perm.

Men standing in a row.

Parade, Captain salute spectators on the shore, the ships on the river.

The captain's cabin of a large ship.

Barge floats on the river.

Floating down the river on a boat air wings.

Signboard "Perm" (port building).

The tram travels along the route, from the cockpit views forward on the rails in the street.

Svetlana Alekseeva manages tram.

The view from the cockpit rail - front building Perm circus.

Hands tram driver behind the controls.

The streets of the city are pedestrians.

New Perm.

Novosel B. Tereschyuk draws at home on the table, on the floor on a carpet plays a child.

Tereshchuk wife in the kitchen. B. Tereschyuk communicates with his son. B. Tereschyuk workplace for lathe workshop with lathe.

Ahead of the column of demonstrators moving trucks called district.

Carry the banner of the city of Perm.

Award list of conferring the title of Hero of Socialist Labor Savchuk NP Photo awardees.

Savchuk NP, employee of the company "Uralkali", with the star of the Hero on his jacket.

Brigade Savchuk NP in the mine for the extraction of potassium.

Savchuk NP working on a drilling mechanism.

Airplane moving on the airfield.

The aircraft crew led by Commander GO Smagina in office at the table.

Passengers going to the aircraft on the field of the airfield.

The crew, led by commander GO Smagina climb into the plane on the ramp.

Shop with passengers.

The pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

Takeoff Tu-134 before takeoff.

The instrument panel in the cockpit.

Pilot GO Smagina lead plane.

The passengers in the cabin seats.

The Tu-134 is landing.

Passengers descend on the plane.

GO Smagina talking with people.

S. Alekseev rubs glass tram. S. Alekseev in the cab riding the tram rail passengers in the cabin sitting at the window. S. Alexeev - coarsely.

Hands run tram.

Tram moving on evening city.

Towns and countries; Traction; Industry; Sea and river transport; Air transport