Enisei River's Meridian 1986 № 10 "Perestroika"

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Part 1 digitized in HD 0:08:24

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The story about the problems of Sosnovy plant trailers in the course of restructuring.

Reel №1

Plant manager V.I.Bogocharov.

Brigadier turner K.A.Volkov. S.G.Grinko.

Streets Sosnovoborsk.

On the road going car.

People walk on a pedestrian crossing.

Woman with a stroller and three children.

People on the garden path.

Drove truck.

On the road going KAMAZ.

Sosnovoborsky plant trailers.

Trucks on the road.

The crane moves the trailer.

Electric welding.

Welders in the shop.

KAMAZ lucky trailer.

View of the city from above.

Woman writes with chalk on the body.

Drawing board.

Girl with short hair.

Interview with S.G.Grinko.

The main conveyor plant. K.A.Volkov.

Volkov brigade at work.

View of the high-rise buildings across the field.

Children smiling and waving at the camera. K.A.Volkov.

The man with Airedale Terrier on a pedestrian crossing.

Make-up the working parts.

Married couple with children walking on the sidewalk.

Working in the shop.

Brigade resting during a break.

Excerpt from an interview with K.A.Volkovym.

Workers maintain the fire in the shop.

The street passing tram.

The slogan on the balcony of a house.

Powered welding.

Excerpt from an interview with V.I.Bogocharovym.

Volkov brigade at work.

Excerpt from an interview with K.A.Volkovym.

Details of the machine.

People walking on the street.



The office is a meeting.

Excerpt from an interview with V.I.Bogocharovym.

Fireman throws fuel into the furnace.

Rises ladle with molten metal.

Workers in the shops.

Men at the drawing board.

Women for desktops.

Through the plant goes KAMAZ, top view.

The crane moves the trailer.

KB employees in the workplace.

Welders working in the shop.

Excerpt from an interview with S.G.Grinko.

KAMAZ trailer driving on a country road.

A married couple with a stroller.

Ural trucks with trailers. V.I.Bogocharov.

The fire in the factory furnace.

Meeting in the office.

Employees Bureau. S.G.Grinko.

Brigade Volkova in the shop.

People on the streets of the city.


Krasnoyarsk Territory

Automobile transport; Industry; Restructuring