Foreign newsreels 1980 № 6529

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Reel №1

Zaire - Mobutu President takes the oath of the new Central Committee of the national revolutionary movement.


Israel - Anti-government demonstration, due to rising inflation.

Before the demonstrators is the general secretary of the Confederation of Labour - E. Mechelen.


Italy - Assistance to victims of the earthquake.

Captured: refugee camp.

Distribution of bread.

Plane with cargo from the United States.

Distribution of soup to people living in train cars.

Tents in the snow.

People carry water and clean off the snow from the tents.

England - Demonstration in Belfast in support watered. prisoners in Northern Ireland, declared a hunger strike.

November 30th

India - Construction of an irrigation system in the Rajasthan desert.

Captured: The man with the help of a camel plow land.


Combine removes wheat field.

The main channel.

The water in the irrigation canals.

Workers in irrigated plantations.

Collect corn and cotton.

India - Construction of an irrigation system in the province of Maharashtra.

Captured: The women wear the basket to the ground.

Workers digging a channel auger cliff.

Dam Udzhani.


England - A protest demonstration against the policy of apartheid in South Africa dedicated to the visit of the Ambassador of South Africa M. Steak in London.

Demonstrators demanded the abolition of the death sentence pronounced by the three black members of the African National Congress.


Greece - Thousands of students protest demonstration against the police terror.


Israel - Arab demonstration of protest against the government's ban of the Congress of Israeli Arabs.

Before the demonstrators made a member of the Israeli Communist Party E. Thome.


Indonesia - Anti-Chinese speeches on about.


Reinforced military patrols on the streets of Jakarta, in connection with racial unrest.

Newsreel of 1965-1966.

Uruguay - A referendum on a new constitution.

Captured: Posters with the slogan "!

Vote" The people in the queue to vote.

Votes President Mendes.


US - Peretransportirovka space shuttle to launch the installation center.



Mozambique - The opening of the International Conference on Coordination Southern African Development Community.

Captured: Arrival of delegates.

UES representative Cheyssona interview.

Speaker is the President Machel.

Delegates listen.


El Salvador - The funeral of 6 of the revolutionaries.

Captured: The Cathedral of San Salvador.

The funeral procession in coffins.

Funeral Mass.

The bus blocking the entrance to the Cathedral Square.

Lights truck.

Thailand - 93 Vietnamese refugees selected by the British ship.


Venezuela - The Congress of the Cuban counterrevolutionaries.

Speaker leader H. Matos.

USA - The trial of the Ku Klux Klan, accused of killing five fighters for civil rights, opposed racists (Court acquitted racists).

Captured: The trial of the Ku Klux Klan (17 November).

Demonstration against the racists in Greensboro, North.


Rally against the Ku Klux Klan.

Ku Klux Klan shoot at protesters.

The dead on the pavement.