Soviet Ural Mountains 1986 № 38

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: A. Krugovih, S. Avdeev, V. Litvishko, V. Gorshkov

Text writers: Yu. Yacenko

Reel №1

"Reporting" port facilities Tyumen.

Heavyweight 300-ton block.

Welding work.

Carriage unit on the platform on rails. 300-ton block floats on a barge on the water.

On the shore a group of workers waving hands.

Harvesting of maize.

Corn on the cob.

Drives a truck with a crop of corn.

PNRM. - Flying over the river a flock of birds.

Daisies on shore.

Farmers farm "Pehtovka" at work.

Weighing fish.

Podkarmlivaniya fish in the pond.

In a bucket, and in the hands of small fish.

Excavator standing on the shore, scoops soil into the river and pours on the Beach - cleaning the pond.

Make fertilizer in the pond.

Fish landing net out of the water to get.

The plot of "Point on map.

Tchaikovsky" Map (conditional) Perm Region on it - the city of Tchaikovsky.

Hand with pen carries on the map from Perm to Tchaikovsky Votkinsk reservoir.

Port of Tchaikovsky.

Turbine Hall Votkinskaya HPP. Hall of automated control of CHP. The area of ​​the city Tchaikovsky.

PNRM. Equipment Plant for the production of synthetic rubber.

Factory building "Tochmash".

Working with automatic equipment in the factory.

The shop, which produces machine tools with numerical control.

Weaving factory.

Weaver serves loom.

Excursion in the picture gallery.

Visitors listen to the tour guide.

Female and male portraits of the 19th century.

The sign "Children's art school."

Public and houses the city Tchaikovsky.

Monument - Tchaikovsky in full growth.

Park, flowers, strolling pedestrians.

The plot of "Who will help the farm?" Shepherd on horseback herding cows.

Golf, combine harvest.

One of the leaders Kurganselmasha says the plant's production.

The farm worker says about the poor quality of equipment Kurganselmasha.

Elements of the installation for pumping and milk cooling plant Kurganselmash.

Women get their feed bucket and filled bag.

Woman carrying a bag on his back with the compound feed and other heavy manual work.

Equipment Kurganselmasha that repairing and remaking rural mechanics.

Milkmaid ready.

Herd of cows on holiday on the air, some lying on the ground.

Landscape with the river.

Sea and river transport; Agriculture; Industry; Museums and exhibitions