Give paw, friend... (1994)

Documentary №38714, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:34
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Man V.



The story of dogs-guide dogs and their owners, and the visually impaired.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dog show, a top view of a ring surrounding the track.

Exhibitors: owners and their dogs of various breeds.

Diver guide Caesar.

Caesar mistress S. Tsvetkova head to the Department store.

Dog Masha.

M. A. Cooper with a great Dane on a walk.

Schnauzer Mitka with V. I. Egorov in the Park.

The East-European shepherd Bertha I. is hostess Ishutin across the yard.

Forward pass a man with a daughter.


M. A. Cooper type.

V. I. Egorov teaches at the Academy of a name of N. E.Zhukovsky.

I. Ishutin doing baby massage.

S. Tsvetkova plays the piano.

The diver sitting next to you.

Black screen.

I. Ishutin makes the child a massage and tells the story of her dog.

Woman washing dishes, sitting next to Burt.

Says M. A. Cooper.


Girl and dog on the couch.

Says S. Tsvetkova.

Caesar at the feet of the mistress.

The hostess with Caesar for a walk, the child petting the dog, Caesar gives his paw.

I. Ishutin plays with Bertha on the street.

M. A. Cooper plays with Masha, standing next to the boy.

V. I. Egorov plays with Mitya in the Park.

Exhibition of dogs.

The owners comb and trim Pets.

The owners wipe their dogs muzzle towels.

The dog sits in the bag.

The flowers in the yard.

I. Ishutin Bertha go to the store.

S. Tsvetkova with Caesar out of the entrance and go to the track.

M. A. Cooper with Masha for a walk.

V. I. Egorov with Mitya walking along the road.

Mary takes the owner through the street.

S. Tsvetkova with Caesar.

Stop before the stairs and climb the stairs.

I. Ishutin Bertha go down the stairs and go to the store.

People come out of the store.

Masha holds master past the door.

I. Ishutin stop to Bertha, the owner drops the cane.

The dog picks up a cane and delivers to the hostess.

MiTek leads the master by trees.

Key words

Persons with disabilities.
Service dog breeding.

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

S. Tsvetkova, and Caesar heading to the drugstore.

The people at the stalls.

A Sheepdog drives away the men from the hostess.

Mitka barks and runs to the host.

I. Ishutin with Bertha in the shop, the dog helps to navigate.

M. A. Cooper with Masha go to school.

Father meets daughter after school.

The family returns home.

People down in the subway.

People sit in the bus.

I. Ishutin to Bertha the bus.

S. Tsvetkova with Caesar are in the subway.

I. Ishutin with other passengers out of the bus.

I. Ishutin Bertha go into the airport.

People in the waiting room.

The hostess with the dog up the ramp.

Tells V. I. Egorov.

Says S. Tsvetkova.

Says M. A. Cooper.

Master strokes Masha, dog licks man's head.

Says I. Ishutin.

Child massage.

Says S. Tsvetkova.

A view of the ring and the surrounding paths.

People with dogs.

Inspection of animals, guide dogs, take part in the exhibition along with the rest.

Alternation: V. I. Egorov of the house, with a dog in the Park and in the classroom.

S. Tsvetkova plays with other musicians in a cafe.

Parents with a child overtake I. Ishutin with Bertha on the stairs.

M. A. Cooper says by phone.

Masha goes to the feet of the master.

Family with dog on a walk.

A family Egorov with Mitya at home.

I. Ishutin reads Braille.

Bertha walks around, the owner petting the dog.

S. Tsvetkova plays, Caesar sits at the feet of men.

The exhibitors of dogs.

Selling books and toys.

Advertising next to the tent.

Key words

Persons with disabilities.
Service dog breeding.

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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