Do we need burenka?. (1983)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Solovtsov N.

Script writers: Rodin Yu.

Operators: Komolikov M.

Anouncers: Kiselev Yu.A.


The film tells about the Altai experimental farm of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where geneticists are working to preserve endangered species of domestic animals.

Agriculture | Science

Reel №1

Altai natural landscapes, the morning fog.

Tells the candidate of agricultural Sciences Yu. a.


Natural landscapes, herds on the hills.

A herd of horses in the forest.

Cows of native breeds.

A flock of sheep.

Cows going to drink in the paddock, on the Bank of the river.

The cows in the paddock.

Y. A. Kiselev talks about the hybridization of animals.

Mixed herds of indigenous breeds (Yakut and Scottish) and hybrids.

A herd of cows gray Ukrainian breed.

Hybrid calves running around in the woods.


A herd of bison in a pasture.

A mixed herd of Scottish highland cows and Emmental.

Hybrid calves.

Grazing highland.

A cow with a calf.

Sheep in a pen.

Salted sheep skin coat.

Shepherd the flock expands.

Hilly pastures.


Altay region



Reel №2

A horse runs on the camera.

Horses with foals.

Herds of Yakut horses.

Altai horses.

Mares with foals in the grove.

Wild grey geese.



Yak in the cage.

Deer are at the feeders.

River otter eats.

Tells Yu. A. Kiselyov.

The girl goes in the cage.

Otters in the water in the cells.

Girl feeding animals.

Kiselev Yu. a. feeding the otter.

Meadow grass, fog.

Bison in the mist.

Animals in the pasture.

Natural scenery.


Altay region