Enthusiasts. Stories from the history of Soviet science.. (1985)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Gerasimov A.

Operators: E. Potievskij

Other authors: Zvuk - N. Roginskaya


The film is dedicated to the development of various branches of science in the USSR in 1930-1940-ies of XX century.

Science | Figures of science

Reel №1

Newsreel 1930: demonstration in Moscow in honor of the 16th Congress of the CPSU (b) June 26, 1930.

Those demonstrators.

Legs of people stepped over a puddle.

Photo engineer IP Bardin Newsreel 1930: demonstration in Moscow in honor of the 16th Congress of the CPSU (b).

Users are greeted with the slogan Congress.

She stands in front of the demonstrators.

MI Kalinin welcomed the demonstrators.

The military welcomed the demonstrators.

The demonstration is moving through the streets of Moscow.

Photo Bardin.

Newsreel, 1930: a general view of the building of the Bolshoi Theater, the delegates go to the meeting of the Congress.

View the intersection of Kuznetsky Most and Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

View of buildings, which housed the Supreme Economic Council (the Supreme Economic Council).

Portrait of a metallurgical engineer MK Kurako

Photos Bardeen period of the 1910s, and while working in America.

View of the cast-iron plant.

Photos Bardeen while working at Hughes factory.

Streams of molten iron.

Photos and Kurako Bardeen while working at Hughes factory.

Flowing molten iron.

Panorama of the cast-iron plant.

Photo Kurako and Bardeen in 1917.

Bust Kurako Kuznetsk.

The building of the Supreme Economic Council in Moscow on Varvarka.

The staircase to the second floor.

Opened the office door, where he worked VV Kuibyshev

General view of the cabinet, desk.

Photo Kuibyshev.

Academician IM Gubkin Photo Photo Director of the Institute for Fertilizers Britske EV Photo Kuibyshev.

Academician AF Ioffe Photo Photo Director Automobile Likhachev.

Photo specialist scientific organization of labor Gasteva AK Photo Kuibyshev in office.

Photo Bardin.

Newsreel 1929: Kuibyshev in the office behind a desk talking with someone (slow motion).

Photos Bardeen in 1929.

Newsreel, 1929: people go to the construction of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine (Chronicle plans are interrupted up jet pouring iron).

People dig the ground.

There is a part of a trolley by staff people are horses.

People throw off the ground with the carts.

Work trolley moves on rails.

Working shift my bricks.

Work riveters.

The explosion of the earth under the pit.

People turn inside lumps of frozen earth.

Construction of the plant buildings.

General view of the construction site of the plant.

Box office, where he worked GK Ordzhonikidze Photos Ordzhonikidze.

Newsreel 1929-1930 years: Bardin on the construction of the Kuznetsk Combine.

View of the plant.

Workers steelmakers in the shop.

The participants of the solemn meeting on the occasion of the first heat.

Pours molten iron.

Types of Kuznetsk Combine.

Indoor plants plant species.

Key words



Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure Kuibyshev Valerian Vladimirovich - statesman and political figure Ivan Pavlovich Bardin - metallurgical engineer




Moscow [820] Kemerovo region [780]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Political figures; Congress of the CPSU; Construction; Industry; Demonstrations

Reel №2

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Leningrad.

Inside view of the working office of the first president of the Academy of Sciences AP Karpinski Photos Karpinski.

Photos engineer Graftio GO, IP Bardin

Photo Engineers Vedeneyeva BE Winter and AV Photo engineer IG Alexandrov Photo Karpinski.

Photo Graftio to build a power plant.

Newsreel, 1929 beginning of the 1930s: a general view of the dam the Dnieper.

Playing a military brass band.

Demobilized Red Army soldiers are sent to the construction of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

People on the streets of Moscow come to the rally.

Rally to mark the start of new factories, of speakers.

The operator rotates the handle cameras.

From the gates of the Nizhny Novgorod car plant first trucks leave.

View of the cast-iron plant of one of the factories.

A solemn meeting on the plant "Red metalworker" on the occasion of the release of the 5000 tractor.

Solemn procession on the streets.

General view of the construction site of one of the factories.

Users are entered in the workshop part of the equipment for installation.

People working on the construction of the enterprise.

Photo chemistry professor Sergey Lebedev among students.

Announcement of the competition for the best way to get an artificial rubber.

Newsreel 1929: the production of tires.

The assembly of the car.

Cars off the assembly line.

Photo Lebedev.

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Leningrad.

Photo Lebedev.

View of the chemistry laboratory equipment.

Scenic portrait Lebedev.

Photo Lebedev and his wife, Ostroumova-Lebedeva AP Panorama of the Nikitsky botanical garden.

Scenic portrait of Lebedev in his laboratory.

Photo Lebedev.

Tropical plants, rubber plants in the botanical garden.

Drawings and paintings of the streets of St.


Photo Lebedev among students and young scientists.

Photos Lebedev and his colleagues in the laboratory.

Portraits of the great chemists in the laboratory Lebedev.

Panorama section of the frozen Neva.

Chunks of ice.

Photo Lebedev among students and young scientists, among them - Krause VP Photo SM Kirov Photo Krause.

Photos of Kirov.

Photo Krause.

Newsreel 1928: celebration of the new 1928, people in the hall of the house of culture.

Kirov Street in Moscow in the New Year.




Moscow [820] Nizhny Novgorod [962]


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Construction; Industry; Automobile transport; Rallies

Reel №3

Text of the decision of the jury to create synthetic rubber.

Photo Sergey Lebedev Figure Smolny.

Photos Krause.

Photos of Kirov.

Photo Krause.

Factory building, where they began to produce synthetic rubber.

The figure shows a first installation for the development of synthetic rubber, portrait Lebedev.

Photo of the unit.

Photos of workers on the shop floors.

Sample first tire made of synthetic rubber.

Panorama of the Neva River, covered with ice.

Photo Lebedev.

View of the Nevsky Prospekt.

Newsreel 1930: demonstration of the documentary "rally" in the cinema on the Nevsky Prospect.

Cars drive through Red Square.

The wheel of the car.

The column of vehicles traveling on the highway.

Cars path passing over the river.

Persons Luda, welcoming cars.

Cars and trucks during the run.

Participants run pulled the truck out of the pit with water.

People build a bridge for cars.

Cars ride across the steppe and desert.

Photo Lebedev.

The building of the Academy of Sciences on the Neva embankment.

Types of ladders and the assembly hall.

Newsreel, 1933: Participants of All-Union conference on the atomic nucleus in the meeting room in Leningrad.

The presidium sitting: AP Karpinski, AF Ioffe, Vavilov SI Those participants.

The face of Professor Gamow.

Professor Leipunsky.

Professor IV Kurchatov

Photo Radio Skobel'tsyn DV and Director of the Physics Institute of SI Vavilov Detail of the building.

Photo Vavilov.

Photos physicists Cherenkov AP

Photo Joliot-Curie.

Photos Tamm IE and Frank I. Newsreel 1933: Vavilov spends experience.

Cherenkov during the experiment.

Photos Vavilov in the university newspaper.

Photo Vavilov at your desk.

Newsreel, 1934: I. Usyskin before the start of stratospheric "osoaviakhim-1" January 30, 1934.

General view of the stratospheric balloon launch site.

The crew sits in a stratospheric balloon gondola.

View of the launch pad.

Crew members stratosphere.

View of the launch pad.

Stratospheric balloon rises into the air.


Aleksandr Petrovich Karpinski - geologist, statesman Ioffe Abram Fedorovich - physicist Sergei Ivanovich Vavilov - physicist Igor V. Kurchatov - physicist Gamow Georgii Antonovich - a theoretical physicist Leipunsky Alexander Ilyich - physicist Usyskin Ilya Davidovich - physicist, Stratonavts


1930 1933-1934


Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Turkmenistan [225]


Summer [824] Winter [823]

Automobile transport; Industry; Physics; Heroes of Space

Reel №4

Newsreel, 1934: people look at the sky, watching stratospheric balloon.

View site in Kuntsevo, where stratospheric balloon flight went to "osoaviakhim-1" (above).

Clouds in the sky (synchronous sound recording radio messages sent from the board of stratospheric).

Portrait Usyskin ID a circular frame.

Kind of the Earth from the stratosphere.

Cloudy sky (synchronous lyrics sound recordings from logbook stratosphere).

Photo hobbyists.

Game footage: stratospheric balloon gondola shooting (synchronous sounds last radiogram caught occasional hobbyist).

Game footage: gondola falls to the ground.

Newsreel 1934: Stratonavts Fedoseenko PF Vasenko AB Usyskin ID before the start.

General view of Sverdlov Square in Moscow.

The loudspeaker on the pole.

Tram passes through the area.

Trolley rides past the metro station in Moscow.

Lighting design entrance to the station of the Moscow metro.

People go down the escalators in the subway on the opening day.

Those girls builders of the Moscow metro.

Passing subway train.

People in the car.

Those passengers.

The train passes a station.

People standing on the balustrade of the station, waving their hands in greeting.

View of the building of the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

Photos of Soviet scientists, Nobel Prize winners: IV Kurchatov, AP Aleksandrov, PL Kapitsa

Newsreel, 1931: view of the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions during the 1st All-Union conference on planning research.

Presidium of the conference.

GM Krzyzanowski the presidium of the conference.

Those members of the Presidium.

SM Kirov of the floor.

Building type All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Inside view of the premises of the Academy.

Portrait of the first president of the Academy NI Vavilov View of the building of All-Union Institute of Plant Industry.

Entrance to the building of the institute and a staircase leading upstairs.

Portraits biologists in the building of the institute.

Memorial office Vavilov.

Newsreel 1930: Academician NI Vavilov at the 16th Conference of the CPSU (b).

Photos NI Vavilov, the floor of the 16th Conference of the CPSU (b) (interspersed with newsreel).


Sergei Kirov Myronovych - statesman and political figure Gleb Krzyzanowski Maksimilianovich - the engineer, the revolutionary and statesman Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov - geneticist Usyskin Ilya Davidovich - physicist, Stratonavts Fedoseenko Pavel Fedorovich - Stratonavts Vasenko Andrei Bogdanovich - inzhenener, Stratonavts


1930 1931 1934


Moscow [820]


Winter [823]

Heroes of Space; Traction; Physics

Reel №5

The interior of one of the premises of the Institute of Plant Industry.

Books and pamphlets written TD Lysenko Photo NI Vavilov Article Vavilov.

Photo brothers Vavilov.

Photo Vavilov brothers with their mother.

The office Vavilov.

One of the first TVs in the office of the Vavilov.

Images from x / film "Circus" on the TV screen.

Newsreel, 1937 on the TV screen: the camp of Soviet polar explorers on the ice.

Stakhanovite miners in the mine at the output of the mine.

Academician Pavlov IP

NI Vavilov on the screen.

NI Vavilov Photos Newsreel, 1937 on the TV screen: O. Schmidt passes Solemn meeting in Moscow VP Chkalov Fragments of sports demonstrations and parades in Red Square.

IV Stalin and KE Voroshilov during the air show.

Skydivers jumping from an aircraft wing.

TV in the office of the Vavilov.

Portrait of Vavilov.

Wheat field on the TV screen.

Portrait of Vavilov.

Newsreel 1937-38 year: the people during a visit to the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (Agricultural Exhibition) in Moscow.

People walk past the exhibition pavilions.

People in one of the pavilions of the exhibition.

The visitors visiting an experienced garden.

The guide shows the sailors experienced garden.

View of the exhibition halls.

Images from x / movie "The Shining Path" with LP Orlova on the TV screen.

Newsreel of the second half of the 1930s: harvesting in a collective farm tractor using headers.

TD Lysenko on the experimental agricultural station.

Photo NI Vavilov View of the building of the Institute of Plant Industry.

A collection of live seed collected in the Vavilov Institute.

Portrait of NI Vavilov The building of the Institute of Plant Industry.

Cabinet Vavilov Institute.

Photos Vavilov.

Samples of wheat.

Portrait of NI Vavilov

The car rides on a country road through fields.

The car rides on the highway.

Portrait of NI Vavilov Ear of green barley.

Passing vehicles.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - statesman and political figure Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and political leader, military leader Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov - geneticist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - scientist and physiologist Trofim Denisovich Lysenko - breeder Lyubov Orlova - actress of theater and cinema Schmidt Schmidt - geographer, polar explorer




Moscow [820]


Summer [824] Spring [825]

Agriculture; Industry; Arctic and Antarctic

Reel №6

Portrait of NI Vavilov On the road passing car.

Portrait of TD Lysenko Passing vehicles.

Portrait of NI Vavilov The car rides on a country road.

Cabinet NI Vavilov at the Institute of Plant Industry.

Cover of the journal "Science and Life."

Article founder of the school of Chemical Physics, academician NN Semenov In the magazine.

Photo Semenov NN the desk.

Inside view of an abandoned greenhouse.

Portrait of Lysenko in the greenhouse, the snow falls.

Opening of a memorial plaque in honor of Academician NI Vavilov

Those people who came to the opening.

Bouquet in the hands of an elderly woman.

Photo Semenov NN Semenov in the laboratory.

Photos Semenov period of 1930.

Banquet Facilities at the club of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.

Photo Semenov.

The corridors and the laboratory of the institute.

Set the table, on the corner of the table is the gramophone.

Types of white Leningrad night.

Dinghies on the Neva.

Bridge across the Neva River.

View of the fortress.

Bridges over the Neva.