Leningradka - do not forget. Film III.. (2013)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: L. Shakht

Script writers: L. Shakht

Operators: K.Velichko, S.Balakirev, M.Konovalchuk

Composers: V.Panchenko, V.Bibergan

Movie №1 Leningradka. Third film "Do not forget the ladies"

Leningrad panorama aerial view


Olga F. Bergholz preparing to shoot


Huge mass of people

People working in construction, building materials are

Female painter paints

Newsreel People work at the construction site.

Plans people

Bergholz is preparing to shoot

Book was opened on the poem "Your Way"

Head of the poem on Leningrad "Your Way"


Bergholz (synchronously)

Panorama of city with a bird's-eye view


B / w photos of Sevastopol

Archive of b / w photos: Bergholz and men in uniform

Boat people


Germans give up plans for military personnel

Collage b / w photos - types of Chersonesos

Archive of b / w photos - on the wall lead Horseshoe

Archive of b / w photos Bergholz

Interior room.

Lamp stands.


Book of Bergholz "And come back again." Translated by the author and back

Okonevskaya (synchronously)

NDP: Olga Maksymivna Okonevskaya biographer

OF Bergholz

Archive of b / w photos from the book and Bergholz Okonevskaya

Newsreel movement on Nevsky

Book with bookmarks

Newsreel View Leningrad Station train. flowers:

Newsreel M / d rails

Water views from the train window

Wheels of the train ride on the rails

Magazine "Star" on August 14, 1946


View from riding the train.



Train arriving at Moscow Station

Moscow Station view from space

Newsreel Cinema.

The screen is a movie. "Leningrad newsreel"

Writers sit in the hall, listening.

Writers on enlargement

Corridor Apartments

Room in the same apartment

Archive of b / w photos and Akhmatova Bergholz


In the "Writers of Leningrad." Film about the Writers' Congress

Speaker stands


Writers listen.


Writers listen to the speaker.


Newsreel Bergholz trying to smile

Newsreel Yard-well, window

NDP: died outstanding figure of our Party and the Soviet state comrade Andrey Zhdanov

Newsreel flag at half-mast on city background

All filled with people

Man on the podium says

People cry

People listen.

Collage plans

Writers listen

Newsreel record Bergholz on the podium:

Writers listen

Newsreel record Bergholz on the podium

Men sit at the table, write

Newsreel Collection writers.

Speaker at the podium

Walk down the street festively dressed people

Adults ride on the carousel

Newsreel Parade

Palace Square are tanks

Is a demonstration


There are people with a banner - Zhdanov district, Kalinin district

Slide top view

Is a demonstration

Archive of b / w photos father

Archive of b / w photos with his father at the hands of a small Olga

Archive B / W photo of the young Theodore Bergholz.

Archive of b / w photos elderly Fedor Bergholz

NDP: 1949 Old Raheen

Forest road is a woman

Forest, lake shore


Man stands against a background of a wooden house

The farmers applaud

Women cow-drawn plow the land

Women cow-drawn plow the land


Women cow-drawn plow the land

Spring Forest

Man with Shepherd out of the building, sits in the car, leaving

Archive of b / w photos - pile of books in the library

Archive of b / w photos man with a folder on the background of books

The book "Says Leningrad"

Microphone on a black background

The book "Says Leningrad"

NDP: Margarita S. Klykova - soundman CHX

Sound panel

Klykova (synchronously)

Newsreel Wood rays of sunset view and a moving car

Stills from the film "Pervorossiisk"


The book "Pervorossiisk"

NDP: Mikhail Kuraev - writer

Stills from the film "Pervorossiisk" - Arrival of train

Mikhail Kuraev (synchronously).

Archive of b / w photos Bergholz

Mikhail Kuraev (synchronously).



It is printed literary scenario "Pervorossiyan."

Sketches for the movie


Playbill film

Newsreel Portrait Ivanova

Archive Photos Shifers, photo Shcheglova

Stills from the film "Pervorossiyane." The man at the piano, horses galloping

Stills from the film "Pervorossiyane"

Mikhail Kuraev (synchronously).

Stills from the film "Pervorossiyane"

Mikhail Kuraev (synchronously).

Stills from the film "Pervorossiyane"

Mikhail Kuraev (synchronously).

Stills from the film "Pervorossiyane." Boy with flag

NDP: Maria Feodorovna Bergholz - goes

Plan an airplane taking off

Building with altitude


Nose ship.

Break the ice on wooden piles

View of the scene from the bird's-eye view


Cars drive on the scene

Newsreel M / d path, bridge, building


Blast columns of water

Cyclorama river under the ice.

Drifting on ice



View from above.


Workers work in the cold

Prison tower


A crowd of people with shovels.

Rides a truck

Construction cranes


Caving unnecessary supports for bridge

Start water

Glee people.

Water flowing.

Glee people.


Flowing water.

Top view

People greet water

Flowing water on the background of the first dam

Plenty of water, waves

Flowing water, shore.

Flowing water, shore.

People on shore

Happy faces

Flowing water, shore.

People on shore

Happy faces.

Flowing water, shore.

People on shore

Newsreel night city.

Riding machine

Are the people, bearing wreaths

Portrait of Stalin

Funeral procession along the Nevsky Prospect-top view


The funeral procession on Palace Square

Funeral salvo of guns


Trains on tracks

Portrait of Stalin

The people are

People go, the cars go on Nevsky

Archive of b / w photos Bergholz


Night street.


Interiors of darkness grabs flashlight

Archive of b / w photos Bergholz


Marine Station in the flags

Sailing ship on the Volga

People waving sail ship

Sailing ship on the Volga

Seagulls flying across the sky

Sailing ships on the Volga

Ship passes through the gateway


Belfry in water



Water dam

Houses on the street

Wooden house with carved ornaments

Marvelous church at sunset


Yellow house, street

Yellow house, wooden fence, the bed in the grass

Trail in the grass

The school building

Church, school

Plaque memory Bergholz

Dome, sheds

Yellow house. porch


Single storey house.

Cat sitting on a footpath

For sale House. flowers

Archive of b / w photos Bergholz

Archive of b / w photos of schoolchildren

Archive of b / w photos Potekhina

The book "Pervorossiisk"

Watercolor - temples-old drawings of Uglich

Pencil drawing - ships on the Volga

Watercolor - temples

Figure Temple pen

Archive of b / w photos School

The book "Pervorossiisk" in the hands of Potekhina

Paintings on the wall

Oil Painting "Temples on the Shore"

Signature in the book


Pencil drawing.

Archive of b / w photos gateway construction cutting

Element of the temple at sunset

Iron floor, temple

Murals, bell


Bell, frescoes


Kremlin in winter

Presidency, hall full of people

NDP: 1954, Second Congress of Soviet Writers

Newsreel record Sholokhov at the podium

NDP: Mikhail Sholokhov

Hall listens

Newsreel record Sholokhov

Bergholz in the hall, listening to

Hall listens

Hall applauds

Bergholz on the podium

Plans for people in the hall,

Akhmatova listens

Bergholz on the podium

The man is sitting.

Writes something

People in the hall listening

People in the audience applauded

Writers throw leaflets in order to vote in the ballot box


Khrushchev's speech


Nevsky Prospect

Writers Meeting

Speaker stands

Hall listens

It is a man says something

Bergholz talking to the man, laughing


Building statue Motherland

Up of the head of the statue

Building statue Motherland

Clouds, memorial

Plan alley.

Gravestones, trees

Monument to Motherland

Memorial granite slabs


Torchlight procession on the background of the monument motherland

People with torches.


Torchlight procession top view


Berggoljc O.F. -- poet, novelist


1946 - 1959