Russian card. Film I.. (2001)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Sideljnikov I.

Script writers: Sideljnikov I.

Composers: Korolev A., Glinka M., Sviridov G., Solovjev-Sedoj V.

Anouncers: Sideljnikov I.


Why Russia's Kuril Islands, the Arctic, the Arctic Kaliningrad region? How should we relate to territorial and ethnic claims of our neighbours? What we have inherited after the collapse of the Soviet Union? What are Russia's geopolitical interests? On these and many other issues reflects the author of the film.

Domestic policy | Sectors of the economy | Defense and internal security | Media

Movie โ„–1 Russian card. Film I.

Dedication Of L. N. Gumilev.

Autumn views of St.

Petersburg (embankments, bridges, alleys, parks).

Issue newsreel "daily news" โ„– 5, February 1983.

The Intro and credits.

1. Action party - in life.

Machinery in quarry, coal mining.

The construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline railroad tracks.

The truck in front of the plant.

The launch of a space rocket.

Fishermen lift network.

The catch is dumped on deck.

Cleaning of cotton.

The commemorative car of the brand "Zaporozhets".

The car in the yard of the plant "Kommunar".

Working on shake hands.

The orchestra plays.

The slogan on the side of the truck.

The pipe on the suspension.

Workers at the plant.

Cartoons on the bench.

2. The occasion of the fraternal peoples.

Demonstration on red square.

Evening fireworks on the background of the Kremlin stars.

The faces of the people.

Chronicle 1991 year:


B. N. Yeltsin, L. Kravchuk and S. Shushkevich signed the documents on creation of CIS.

Computer graphics: page Charter, signatures of politicians, the page becomes a map.

Split screen: rotates the mainland, the applause of politicians.

An avalanche in the mountains.

Computer graphics:

The collapse of the Soviet Union.

The separation of industrial, commercial and other enterprises in CIS countries.

Space satellite over the Earth.

Planet Earth is approaching, spinning among the stars.

Borders of Russia on the globe after the partition of the territories of the former USSR.

Physical map, the boundaries and terrain of Russia.

Space mining.

Panorama of the Tyumen region.

The Priobskoye oil and gas field (shooting from the air).

Frozen equipment.

The workers on the rig.

Panorama of lakes and swamps.

The sun over the tundra.

Computer graphics:

The lesson of economic geography at the examples of possible seizure of Russian border territories of other States.

States wishing to join Russia.

Volatile environment of the southern borders.

The landing of the aircraft.

Troops marching down the road.

APC rides on the beach.

Russian and foreign soldiers.

The soldiers go on shore.

On shore leaves APC.

A military helicopter.

Computer graphics:

"Fuse" on the southern border, the fire goes out.

Area of U.S. national interests in the CIS.

U.S. warships in the ocean.

Computer graphics:

Area of U.S. national interests in the CIS.

The Territory Of Kazakhstan.


Nazarbayev talks to a woman.

The applause of the children in folk costumes.

The meeting of the President with children.

The applause of the audience.

The Flag Of Kazakhstan.

The Palace of the virgin soil.

Computer graphics:

The Territory Of Kazakhstan.

The territory of China, the probability distribution of the Chinese on the territory of Russia.

The problem of the Kuril Islands.

Activities of the United States in Bering sea, photo by E. A. Shevardnadze.

Icebreaker separates the Arctic region from Russia.

Map Of Russia.

Split screen: rotates the mainland, the applause of politicians.

An avalanche in the mountains.

Computer graphics:

Russia, Western Europe and Asia.

Forming cordons along the borders of Russia.

Patch on the sleeve.

Soldiers military-political bloc with banners.

Teens in camouflage uniforms, March around the city with torches.

Computer graphics: buffer state, the formation of the Baltic cordon Sanitaire.

Chronicle of the late 1930-ies:

The signing of the documents.

Animation: countries of the cordon Sanitaire between the Third Reich and the USSR on the map.

Computer graphics:

The expansion of NATO.

The centers of military conflicts in Central Asia.

The launching of rockets.


The explosion in front of a tank.

Civilians affected by the bombing.

Marching troops.

Computer graphics: the centers of military conflicts, the expected movement of the troops in Russia.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin.

Chronicle of the 1990-ies:

Policy place on the podium.

The applause of the audience.

B. N. Yeltsin.

M. S. Gorbachev.

The August 1991 coup, the people on the streets.

The crackdown by the military.

Tanks on the streets, the shooting of the White house in 1993.

The beginning of the war in Chechnya, the views of the square.

The boy with the flag in the crowd.


A military helicopter.

People shoot from the truck.

A crowd of people weeping women.

Soldiers, the flashes of cameras.

Killed on the streets.

A wounded woman with a child.

A teenager with a gun.

The wreckage of the truck.

Armed men on the road.

The explosion of the helicopter in the sky.


Acolytes with candles in their hands.


Dead soldiers in the tent.

The emblem of the Russian armed forces.

Relatives at the tomb.

The alternation of the modern youth at the disco, syringes, a police car with drug addicts.

Groups of nationalists.

The state Duma.


Participants of the meeting.

Soldiers on the streets.

Soldiers teenage (freeze frame).

Computer graphics:

The earth in space, the borders of Russia.

A geography lesson, the consequences of transfer to foreign States of individual border areas.

Sea and air routes.

Russian flag on the North coast of the country, the submarine near the shore.

Missile launch from a submarine.

Computer graphics: a map of the world.

The outbreak of military conflicts on Russia's southern border.

Meeting of Russian and foreign politicians.

Photo and quote of D. I. Mendeleev.

Animation: hut in winter forest, takeoff the cabin space, the cabin and Emelya on the stove in space, flare stars.


Bn Yeltsin. - statesman and political figure, first President of the Russian Federation. Gorbachev M. S. -- statesman, politician and public figure, the last General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the last Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the first President of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the only President of the USSR. Kravchuk Leonid M.-candidate of economic Sciences, lecturer, political activist, first President of independent Ukraine. Shushkevich S. S.-doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, Honoured science worker of BSSR, politician, head of the Republic of Belarus. Nazarbayev N.. - Kazakhstan's state and political figure, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, the Kazakh SSR President, the 1st President of Kazakhstan. Clinton D. -- American statesman and politician, 42nd President of the United States.


1983 1991 1993 1930ะต


Russia [1] Moscow [820] St. Petersburg [814] Tyumen region [809] The Chechen Republic [756] Belarus [845] Kazakhstan [114] Arctic [941]


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]